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May 1, 2013 / adgerellis

CRESCIT EUNDO: “Дульсе, Нью-Мексико* ! ” = “ドゥルセ、ニューメキシコ州*!”

New Mexico’s ( Nuevo Mexico ) State Motto Is, “IT GROWS AS IT GOES.”  Almost every country on Planet Earth has strange and weird places to visit.  FERIEN URLAUB  ! ALQUILER DE VACACIONES  !   休暇! Congé   VACANCES  !  ПРАЗДНИК КАНИКУЛЫ  !  ( CRESCIT EUNDO ! )


“May Day !   May Day (!),”  the first day of the month of May is an excellent time to visit a State that, “IT GROWS AS IT GOES.”…. Blogs like this and On-line Dating Services have begged and pleaded for “Friendly Mature Adults” to get together. My honest and sincere hope is to meet a female traveling companion who knows where to “draw-the-line” between reckless behavior that could damage life and property and just having “fun.” Post in the beginning pages of this Blog has had links to old movies that have shown reckless and foolish behavior with automobiles. Though funny, the comedy was ironic to demonstrate how not to drive a car, and how NOT to be inconsiderate and disrespectful to other drivers on the road. “Just-So, Cautionary- Tales,” of the tragedy that comes from foolish and uncontrolled actions. Yes, people who do foolish thing can be funny, but people who are undisciplined in regard to civil law and disrespectful of other people’s “environment, property and physical body” are plain fools. That also goes for censorship on the internet as I personally have been censored without explanation, or an explanation that was arbitrary and capricious….”*



*” Blog’s like this have been censored,  for what we say, and all the “Conditions -of  -Contract” violations is just an excuse to “Shut-a-Blog” down. Example, after example could be given, but that would lead so far “Off-Topic” because, if you reader of this Blog, will take the time to go through past postings you will see for your-self examples of censorship. Censorship is just arbitrary or just plain foolish like broken links to other websites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, See link    ( and punctuation changes… ‘May Heaven’ Help Us If you Write Poetry On The Internet ! Ha !  Hey, Programmer, you might want to up-date the “SQL !”)  videos that have been disabled and Public Domain sites that go nowhere.  For example,  government agencies and films that are in the Public Domain that have been “BLANKED-OUT” for no apparent reason. Now, if there is a woman who would like to go on a “video trip,” lets say, and this is just an idle thought, to New Mexico so that this female traveling companion would be the  “STAR ATTRACTION” of a YouTube video, maybe, and this is just a foolish suggestion, in the town of Roswell, New Mexico, or the deep caves of Carlsbad Cavern as in this “faux” travelogue…(


, Nuevo Mexico ?)

imgres.jpg  .  Blog’s like this are generally just personal opinion and musing, not to be taken to seriously. However, there is historical precedent ( See, Precedents – U.S. Courts  Judicial Interpretation Discussion Topics  -> << ) for our “Big Brother” society’s surveillance.  Surveillance – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎   “Surveillance 1] is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, …”  Again, in this little Blog a historical review of “Government Surveillance” will take us so far “Off Topic” we will never get back to New Mexico tourism. (But,  just one more example, “spell check function,” has the vocabulary of a four-year old, and is dangerous because the function mislead’s the Blogger in the “word prompts.”)  And then, afar D.U.M.B., we go to the interesting town of Dulce, New Mexico and though this is a “grey area” of New Mexico the reports from credible and expert witness have seen “Weird Science & Freakin Magic. *    See a fictional account, a “make belive world…”ダム”、エイリアン – 奇怪。(=)”Mупой”, подземные военные базы !  (=)”Dumb,” underground Militärbasen!  (=)  “Mudos,”  extranjeros subterráneas, monstruosa  = List of DUMBS – Aliens –   The aliens and UFO section on is focused on the existence of extra-terrestrial races and their presence on Earth. Covered subjects include …”” This is an appeal, maybe “”Tourtist aus dem deutschen möchten mit echten Indianern zu besuchen und das Gerücht ist, dass die US-Regierung Kontakt mit außerirdisches Weltraum Menschen innerhalb eines Berges in Sichtweite der kleinen Stadt Dulce, New-Mexico hat!” = “Tourtist del alemán le gustaría visitar a los indios de América real y el rumor es que el gobierno de Estados Unidos está en contacto con la gente del espacio exterior exterrestrial dentro de una montaña a la vista de la pequeña ciudad de Dulce, New Mexico!” = ” Tourtist de l’allemand aimerait visiter avec les Indiens réel américain et la rumeur est que le gouvernement des États-Unis est en contact avec extraterrestrial personnes spatiales à l’intérieur d’une montagne à la vue de la petite ville de Dulce, Nouveau-Mexique!” = “‘ 観光客ドイツからが本当のアメリカインディアンと噂は、米国政府が   “Dulce ” =ダルシー、ニューメキシコ州の小さな町の光景の中、山の内部地球外の宇宙人と接触したことであると訪問したいと思います!” = “Турист из немецкого хотели бы посетить с реальными американских индейцев и слухи о том, что правительство Соединенных Штатов имеет контакт с внеземными внешнего пространства люди внутри горы в пределах видимости из маленького городка Дульсе, Нью-Мексико!”….Ha !  Ha !, L-O-L See website that is, PLEASE NOTE: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILM…  *””*

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