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September 26, 2013 / adgerellis

NEW, STANDARD AND POOR’S OFF TOPIC HA ! HA ! (Then, maybe not !)

 Chinese Idiom: Doing Good is the Greatest Source of Happiness (為善最樂)…

Are Flying Buildings > “Religion and politics, do not discuss if you live in a theocracy or dictatorship.” Ha ! Ha! Old saying is really old and warn-out if you live in a democratic republic you better speak-out as it is your “civic duty” to participate in public discourse. This Blog has posted before the attempt to kill President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. ( See link at this website… )  What makes any rational person think that things are different now? As horrible as the thought is to any sane person, when dealing in international geo-politics and multi-billion dollar business deals killing is more common than many “good people” would like to think. Proverb from the “Holocaust,” -Good people need do nothing for evil to prosper. Think and speak-out people ! The New World Order and UFOs?… Immigrants from far away might need refuge some place soon. Shall we take them in to our homes, especially if they present themselves as very pretty people ? In utero-births, artificial wombs, cloning and the “NWO.” Nice and neat babies. No pain. No labour, but maybe plenty of sexuality with “beautiful people.” I’d go for it, if it is not all an illusion. ( Ha ! But, the eugenics and “Survival-Of-The Fittest” could be a problem. The “Old-World-Dies,” and the sheeple never need to know. -Just a little contempt for people who are clueless when the facts are right in front of them. The old book says, see citation, “Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings” by Gregory Y. Titelman (Random House, New York, 1996). Mr. Titelman agrees that this saying has its roots in the Bible, specifically Jer. 5:21 (King James version): “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.” Sorry, but when a situation is really bad, and nobody seems to care sarcasm to me is the only reply. )   Altruism Boosts Well-being… See and Sing,

“I Want to Be Happy” – Ella Fitzgerald

Chinese Alignment with Hostile Alien Force Brings Pacific War Threat… There are events going on in the world war-threat/

“It is well known that Russia has a well-developed underground system also designed to allow survival, but some experts believe that both sides have made provisions to make sure such underground bases become mausoleums if a situation of above ground mutually assured destruction (MAD) of a major third world war nuclear exchange occurs.

“Educated People vs. Government,”…Go to this website for in-sight into US Congress approval rating…

Secret “beyond-black” joint alien/SSG hybrid breeding programs at the DUMBs.

Allegedly these joint hybridization programs have yielded advanced technology that has provided “genetic injections” and alterations to the human fertilized egg that have resulted in various types of “super-soldiers”.

These super-soldier programs have allegedly involved the use of gifted individuals selected from certain Scottish bloodline, Psi-power entrainment and various types of black arts soul murder, induced DID/MPD and in some select individuals, injection of isolated Reptoid gene fragments.” End-of-quote, but the beginning of and old idea of the “Super Man.” So, as the old saying goes, “Are you a man or a mouse?” As a “Singing-A-Long” moral lesson, what will happen when people take on animal  char·ac·ter·is·tics

, and our visitor are just “Swinging-on-a-Star” Let

“Bing Crosby “Swinging on a Star” tell you how it is. Click here…

China has big new cities with no people in then ! What is going on? Maybe china is expecting strange visitors by the millions. (Ha ! Ha ! What “The Event.” ?) See link…China building mega cities but they remain empty ghost towns

Read more: See below: …

“Angola’s Chinese-built ghost town,” Now that is strange Angola and some of the poorest countries in the world should build new cities that are completely empty of people on “The Event” of civilization ! (Ha ! Ha ! L-OL Sheeple !) See link…

GMOs, DNA, and Stem-Cells, think about  “Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (2010) is a non-fiction book by American author Rebecca Skloot. It is about Henrietta Lacks and the immortal cell line, known as HeLa, that came from her cervical cancer cells in 1951. The book is notable for its accessible science writing and dealing with ethical issues of race and class in medical research. Rebecca Skloot writes in her book that some of the information was taken from the journal of Deborah Lacks, Henrietta Lack’s daughter, as well as from “archival photos and documents, scientific and historical research”(xiii). It is Skloot’s first book. In May 2010, it was announced that Oprah Winfrey and Alan Ball in conjunction with HBO plan to create a film version.[1]“from Wikipedia, see >>  “The current big push is the secret programs to develop the third strand of DNA, the so-called, self-healing Triple Helix. This third strand is supposedly going to give a new race of super-hybridized soldiers the ability to self-heal from wartime injuries and grow needed body parts and internal organs in the race for the development of immortality, something the “old boys” that sit at the top of the SSG pyramid aka known as the “evil cabal” need very, very soon and something that will never occur due certain immutable laws of the universe.” See “Veterans Today” website for “the-rest-of-the-story.” Preston James PhD article may be “speculation,” and this Blog profusely apologies for extensive quotes in a critique as a citation from an “open-source” internet site…2013/08/12/secret-space-war-viii-alien-quantum-computing-and-the-end-of-secrecy/ 

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