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October 3, 2013 / adgerellis

#Quisling: Fascist and Traitors, and The End Game PART 2

Affordable Care Act… Autobiographical insight two times this Blogger checked into an Emergency Room. Both times this Blogger had a groin infection. (Interesting to me, just before I went into the Army I bought an old medical book from World War One, what in the year 1919 was called “The Great War.” The book had “photographic plates” of soldiers with very bad groin wounds. The US isn’t facing up to the literal emasculation of its soldiers…/19/genital-injuries-taliban-ieds‎   

  1.  Apr 19, 2011 – Nearly half of the 142 soldiers with “genitourinary (GU) wounds” at injuries to the front – but does not protect the groin from an upward blast. “Solid As A Rock,”

  Christianity was my father’s professed religion. He destroyed the book with the very graphic pictures assuming that the photos were too “Homo-Erotic.” That hundred year old medical text would be valued at a thousand dollars today. Is that why “Good Christians” do not like to talk about the suffering of HIV/AIDS patients? Just too “Homo-Erotic.” SQUEAMISHNESS is not good if you are a “social scientist” or student of the Humanities as humans, and maybe not so human beings have been hurting humanity from the beginning of recorded history. Battle wounds of soldiers are generally not considered by “consensus reality” to be erotic unless the viewer is a sadomasochist. That has been in the past a heresy, to accuse the “Great Monotheistic Religions” of sadomasochism. Colon polyps, a colonoscopy; -and the hospital cut three inches out of my intestines, that was part of the $40.000.00 dollars cost of my appendectomy that I had no way to pay, except on a “payment plan” that took eleven years to pay.

  My mental health at the time was not good either. “Little Gray” alien I saw “high” on chewing tobacco and “butyl nitrate” (self-abuse Ha ! Ha ! Foolish me.) as the nurse at hospital said my “Homocysteine Level” was unusually high. So, even I saw a “little Gray” alien, but I concede it was a hallucination. Security Guards often have to look at things that many “Good Religious” people do not have deep concern and sympathy for,  -the sick and dying.


   Not all religious people are indifferent or unconcerned about people who they do not know, but  the need for charity exceeds the expenses and enough people who are vociferous about their religion like to keep their concern for the sick and dying in “the Family.” This is why the Affordable Care Act is needed so badly to make low-cost health care universal for everybody…and not depend on charity.  Oh, the cost to me to visit the Emergency Room for approximately 40 minutes coast me one thousand Dollars. 40 minutes in Emergency Room for a small tube of salve or ointment that coat one thousand dollars with no insurance. Shootings in public that have happened recently should clue any reasonable person that the Mental Health of many Americans is deeply ” troubled. ” Physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders of the mind… “

  How many people working as a Sociologists and Political Scientists are considered under-employed or are only working part-time?… Social Anthropology…


Affordable Care Act.. should help what is obviously a very troubling problem in American society and Americans need all the help they can get from certified professionals. Naturally the real cause of this serious social problem is the Capitalist Economic System, that is transparent to any clear thinking person.

How many Americans claim to have been abducted by aliens? NOTE PLEASE: Go out and investigate, write a report, a Theseus or a Blog using your experts. This post in not to ridicule people who claim to have been abducted by strange beings, on the contrary what is wrong with the professional mental heath studies and organizations to ignore and disregard such a monumentally serious crime against people who beg for help and have severe trauma ? You ! You, who claim to be a mental health professional should have your degrees taken away from you as this accusation by millions of people, not only in the United States, but through-out the world could be a break down of civilization from some mass delusion, or mass psychosis. SQUEAMISHNESS is NOT‘ the “Bed Rock” and the foundation of the “Social Sciences,” Raison d’être for the study of human beings is full of the study of grotesque horror. Revocation of your certification or degree is not trivial, but neither is the sanity of humanity. Abductees go to the police, clergy or medical doctor and get placating patronizing condescension or out right laughter for molestation and assault by strange beings. When the abductee’s complains and charge criminal action that no one seems to want to investigate causing pain and anguish. Affordable Care Act can really help with trauma and hysteria, children or adults who believe that they have been abducted by aliens. Most importantly, documentation can be kept by professionals as a psychological narrative for examination as a “Case Study.”

  1.  What is wrong with your academic concern, for your qualification to practice is in jeopardy when you disregard the claim of a crime ?  (L-O-L, the sexual abuse is so obvious that every law enforcement officer, investigator and  medical doctor in the cosmos should be on alert. Now, now, sexual abuse is not funny that is admitted, but “Rhetorically-In-The-Abstract,” the elephant in the Living Room, the bull in the china shop, and the camel with its nose under the tent is extremely funny !

“Collective Nervous Breakdown” Neurosis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  1.‎ See limk…

    For him, it described various nervous disorders and symptoms that could not be explained Jung saw collective neuroses in politics: “Our world is, so to speak, 

 “Eyes to see, but they see not.” No insight. Do not “beg -the question,” for the forensics are clear and lucid, posted right here on past post. See link…

“Antonio Villas Boas was a Brazilian farmer claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in 1957. DNA sample of a strain of hair proved in laboratory scientific test to be so strange as not likely to be from any human on Planet Earth. Another case, An Australian’s contact, named Mr. Peter Khoury, the subject of this case with a Human-looking Extraterrestrials has resulted in a DNA test of a hair sample also. Now, we have two cases with real solid evidence of biological material not known to be from Planet Earth. How much evidence does the public need before the truth of strange visitors are here among us, and even has sex with humans. That is empirical and incontrovertible proof. “Oh, my goodness” he types sarcastically, ” aliens have sex just like humans. How shocking ! ” There are other ways to procreate. Now, do not be too sacred. See this website… Overwhelming evidence is so plain that there is even more forensic laboratory samples of alien DNA, but the following website is copyrighted, so this Blog will just refer you to the site without comment… War technology can open “DOORS” to let the enemy of men into their country…” Jinn (الجن) or Space People الحمض النووي ? ” This website may not hold because the censors do not like even the smallest eccentricity and variance from “Consensus Reality,” but go on and try the link… are you afraid off ? There even seems to be special locations and areas on land and water where these abductions take place. SPACE WARS NIGHT VISION link… More proof link… ” Want to See a UFO but Can’t Afford Night Vision Goggles?”…link to

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