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October 10, 2013 / adgerellis

#Quisling: Fascist and Traitors, and The End Game PART 3

They Killed Our President:

63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK

Jesse Ventura

With Dick Russell, David Wayne

“They Killed Our President”
Tuesday October 8, 2013
As we prepare for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, author and Governor Jesse Ventura, see ” 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK. Read secrets hidden for 50 years…
Read more at  ” will discuss research on the killing of President Kennedy, including theories surrounding the mob, the CIA.” Provocateurs, instigators, trouble-makers, rogues that will not obey lawful orders, paradox, confusion and contradictions are just a little part of contemporary world politics that seem to be to complex for many people to understand. Unless, this is all on purpose. There was a science fiction story, no citation where the invading extraterrestrials could not fight the whole population of a fictitious planet, so the enemy invaders sent trouble-makers and instigators to dumb-down the population and had clones and hybrid aliens take over important jobs to destroy, subvert and destabilize the civilization…

By Roger Stone …
United States House Select Committee on Assassinations

… Ahh, Mental Health !  Sigmund Freud wrote, he thought everyone should be

  1. psychoanalyzed
    Web definitions
    1. (psychoanalyze) analyze: subject to psychoanalytic treatment; “I was analyzed in Vienna by a famous psychiatrist”

Not necessarily to cure real or imagined mental heath problems, but to examine the cause and origin of emotional “hang-ups” and unresolved childhood trauma for a mature adult integrated emotional development. Human Resource personnel and private security guards and officers who are not emotionally mature and have childish emotional problems or/and fixations should not be employed in a job the requires tolerance and clear thinking and good grounded “common sense.” Narrative above, the fictitious extraterrestrial invaders did dumb-down the Planet Earth’s population, but first took over private security businesses, and put their ET Alien stooges in company’s Human Resource Departments. Earth was made to have a large unemployment problem cased by the alien invaders placement in Private Security and Human Resource of their “FALSE HUMANS.” END GAME was to destroy the manufacturing and business economic base of the nation, this causing civil unrest and the Private Security shooting and killing the real humans by the “FALSE HUMANS.” The “FALSE HUMANS” acting as security guards protecting the extraterrestrial invaders intent to take over Planet Earth. How to tell the alien invaders from real human being, is that the aliens were all business, no jokes, because they could not understand the subtle and an nuance of human humor. ET aliens had  little interest in music, the fine arts because fine arts and music comes from human cultural development natural to this Planet Earth. ( See web quotes...  ) ET Aliens have ‘Evil-Eye’ type of fixated stare, unblinking and Borderline-Autistic …”What does borderline autistic mean?” …  -> “-Add technologists to surveillance tech review panel, IT groups say,”…  NO ! NO !  Well, only if we all can be “TRANSCENDENT OMNIPRESENT / Omnipotent.  Do you want to be god-like ? That is a heresy… ->האם אתה רוצה להיות כמו אלוהים? זה כפירה …-> Хотите быть богоподобным? Это ересь …-> هل تريد أن تكون مثل الله؟ وهذا هو بدعة …->آیا می خواهید به خدا مانند؟ است که یک ارتداد …

a perverse voyeuristic  interest in surveillance, watching and looking at the real humans, fearful that their invasion and take over plan of Planet Earth would be discovered. Naturally, this is all fiction, but an unusual interest in the private lives and personal habits of their employees, without reciprocity;  the CEO and Corporate Executives should also have their private lives and habits made transparent and open to public inspection when the employees are so vulnerable. ( -> Link to Website… <- ) Turn-the-cameras-around look at the elite, the CEOs,  the executives privates lives and secret habits, or better yet, everyone should be  psychoanalyzed, not for a cure, but for understanding qualifications and motivations.  See following website below…( Ahh, do not fear ! Public Hypocrisy is awesome and astonishing when you discover the real motivation for all our thoughts and actions…   Understanding Future Irregular Warfare Challenge… Go to link  )

NSA is destroying the American economy ! See link…


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