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November 5, 2013 / adgerellis

Obesity, Metaphysics and Genocide PART 3

Affordable Care Act Autobiographical insight two times this Blogger checked into an Emergency Room. Both times this Blogger had a groin infection. (Interesting to me, just before I went into the Army I bought an old medical book from World War One, that in the year 1919 was called “The Great War.” The book had “photographic plates” of soldiers with very bad groin injuries. Christianity was my father’s professed religion. He destroyed the book with the very graphic pictures assuming that the photos were too “Homo-Erotic.” Is that why “Good Christians” do not like to talk about the suffering of AIDS patients? Just too “Homo-Erotic.”) Security Guards often have to look at things that many “Good Religious” people do not have deep concern and sympathy for,  -the sick and dying. Not all religious people are indifferent or unconcerned about people who they do not know, but enough people who are vociferous about their religion like to keep their concern for the sick and dying in “the Family.” That is just another reason why the Affordable Care Act is needed so badly. Oh, the cost to me to visit the Emergency Room was a thousand Dollars. Gun Shooting in public that have happened recently should clue any reasonable person that the Mental Health of many Americans are deeply troubled. ” Physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders of the mind… ” How many people working as a Sociologists and Political Scientists are considered under-employed or are only working part-time?… Social Anthropology…


Affordable Care Act should help what is obviously a very troubling problem in American society and Americans need all the help they can get from certified professionals. Naturally, the real cause of theses serious social problems is the Capitalist Economic System, that is transparent to any clear thinking person. Competition for money in excess of basic needs, leads to criminality. Capitalist can not brag about profit and still maintain that they have compassion for the sick and dying if making money is their basic concern. Sarcastically, their “compassion” comes at a  high price for the sick and dying.

How many Americans claim to have been abducted by aliens? NOTE PLEASE: This post is not to ridicule people who claim to have been abducted by strange beings, on the contrary what is wrong with the professional mental heath studies and organizations to ignore and disregard such a monumentally serious crime against people who beg  and plead for help and have severe trauma ? You ! You, who claim to be mental health professionals should have your degrees taken away from you as this accusation by millions of people, not only in the United States, but throughout the world could be a break down of civilization from some mass delusion, or mass psychosis. What is wrong with your academic concern, for you qualifications to practice is in jeopardy…So, “obesity is a medical “problem ?”

 That is not a non sequitur  !  GMOs are on purpose genetic engineering. See web link…

Obesity gene’s role revealed in mice study

… just a delusional suspicion, but maybe….  Do not “beg -the question,” for the forensics are clear and lucid, posted right here on past post. See link…”Genetics – The Ultimate Alien Invasion” … What are you afraid off ? For example, is “Morgellons” a real disease… or is there a more sinister reason for this strange condition ? See link…


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