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November 7, 2013 / adgerellis


Provocateurs, instigators, trouble-makers, rogues that will not obey lawful orders, paradox, confusion and contradictions are just a little part of contemporary world politics that seem to be to complex for many people to understand. Unless, this is all on purpose. There was a science fiction story, no citation where the invading extraterrestrials could not fight the whole population of a fictitious planet, so the enemy invaders sent trouble-makers and instigators to dumb-down the population and had clones and hybrid aliens take over important jobs to destroy, subvert and destabilize the civilization. Ahh, Mental Health !  Sigmund !

Affordable Care Act should help what is obviously a very troubling problem in American society and Americans need all the help they can get from certified professionals. Naturally, the real cause of this serious social problem is the Capitalist Economic System, that is transparent to any clear thinking person. Competition for money in excess of basic needs, leads to criminality. Capitalist can not brag about profit and still maintain that they have compassion for the sick and dying if making money is their basic concern. Sarcastically, their “compassion” comes at a  high price for the sick and dying. Yes, there has been a problem with the Affordable Care Act website… As an aside, let  us revisit a “Faux Pas” of the previous administration…

After Iraq WMD…

     However, that said, let’s go right to the real problem. Insurance Companies, agenda ridden Neo Cons and “Ultra-Rich” political opposition to President Obama have clearly said publicly that they do not want the Affordable Care Act to succeed. This Blog is not published by an utter fool, to interpret their equivocation and quibbles, the Neo Cons agenda is more important to the Insurance Companies, and Ultra Rich (billionaires) than the physical and mental health of the nation. Honestly, if any of these people, (even the US Supreme Court’s fictitious ‘corporate persons’ ) were found in a law court to be engaged in illegal practice their entire wealth as a person and corporation should be confiscated and put in the public treasury to pay for the Affordable Care Act  !  Not vindictive action, but a well-reasoned argument for any anti humane action by corporations and their stooges against the people of the United States and their health and welfare. See link … “adgerellis”…


“Use of doctors in War…”


E. E. Cummings (1894 – 1962) Humanity I Love You…

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