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December 5, 2013 / adgerellis


John Kenneth Galbraith is quoted as saying…”In the usual (though certainly not in every) public decision on economic policy, the choice is between courses that are almost equally good or equally bad. It is the narrowest decisions that are most ardently debated. If the world is lucky enough to enjoy peace, it may even one day make the discovery, to the horror of doctrinaire free-enterprise and doctrinaire planners alike, that what is called capitalism and what is called socialism are both capable of working quite well.”… “The Princeton Packet” newspaper, published in the town of Princeton, New Jersey sometime in the 1960s had an interesting news article, allegedly by Economist John Kenneth Galbraith about how to solve the unemployment problem in the United States. News stories are often satirical, so there is no sure way to know this late in time how serious the Princeton Packet story should be taken. America, the United States to have full employment, and useful work should be made in to a North American “Fun Fair.” ( = Funfair…  ) North American Amusement Park, the whole continent-wide ‘Side Show Entertainment Center”, with plenty of work for everyone who wants to work, just like “Disney Corporation,” as the old Roman’s said, “Give them bread, and circus !” (See link.. or “Six Flags Corporation, (See link…” money, games and fun for anyone who can smile, laugh and enjoy what beauty and pleasure the North American Continent has to offer  ( See link…   ). North American Regional Theme Parks maybe this post is nothing but a satire, (See link… ) Ha ! Ha ! Let’s all party 24/7. I’m Sailing On a Sunbeam (1929)… Sorry, Ha ! Ha ! we’re in a recession no money to have fun ! “Life is real. Life is Ernest.” Look serious, have a sad and grumpy face, be angry and mean. After all, “the poor will always be with you. You’ve got to fight to compete !..See link:” CAFR: Blog’s like this can not think for you ! Comprehension and discernment is each person’s job to understand what is going on in economics, big business and Planet Earth’s News Events… ( Hanging on to their power, using Cutouts and Puppets. Ha ! Ha ! ) The “Commercial Mass Media,” and print media, for the most part, the schools are just to frivolous, and trivial in their news pursuits. Explain the following…( As for religion, do most people even understand their religious dogma ?) { The censor fools are in the computer again. Spell check does not work, and strange punctuation and inter word spacing. Corrections are made, then the computer changes the spelling and word spacing. Not funny. Just stupid ! See link…

Aquarius: NO PLACE CALLED “Utopia”

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Federal Reserve Has Been Audited!… Robin  Hood, where are you when we need you ! Take from the rich, give to the poor. Yes ! We must be economical, show financial responsibility, however, “To -Big -To -Fail, does not show fiduciary, TARP ! TARP ! responsibility.”  Troubled Asset Relief Program… Who is being serious now. What kind of sick joke is “To-Big-To-Fail” and then expect the poor and unemployed  to give up Heath Care,  and Unemployment Benefits, Guaranteed Pension compensation, and the United States Supreme Courts, that corporations have the same civil rights as real people. NUTS !  Pick your own NUT FARMS (Escondido, Fallbrook: farm, area, county) Read more: Idea of the United State being one big “Funny Farm” tourist from all over the world can come to the United States and pick any nut of their choice. “Get thee to a Nunnery,” as Shakespeare said. Religion is a good way to reduce the “baby-making-population. “Street Theatre, ” pantomime animals, troubadours, oh I’m sorry they are not big corporations and mega-million conglomerates. “Hare Krishna,” (mantra)  … The Neo Cons are turning the United State into a Third Rate Nation, they are convinced by dumbing-down the people by miserable boring , for the most part, simple-mind news, and inane quibbles, like “Fish Wives” arguments about how bad the fish smell, and childish bickering, they destroy civiity and good manners for their banal ideology. Generally, the Neo Cons are not funny, not original, and conceited self-important by repeating the same “Taking Points” all across the print and electronic spectrum so that the NAZI propaganda Minister, Herr Joseph Goebbels ( See link ), would appreciate their effort. That said, some historians, anthropologist and social-psychologist believe that the ancient Greek’s art, literature, sports as the  Fascist Literature, diligently copied… Ironically, many NAZIs and Fascist believed in Reincarnation and Karma. Ironic, because “karma” and Reincarnation belief is that what you do to other people will be done to you, either in this life or reborn in the next life. Very sad for everybody. The United States has done some “G*D Awful” things to other nations and people. And, rogue elements in the United States has done things so “Gross-that-G*D Her/His” self would grieve. Theosophy, see “The Book of DZYAN,” by Tim Maroney. Published by Chaosium Publishing, in the year 2000. Theosophy and the founder of Theosophy ( See link… ),  Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky…see link:

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