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December 19, 2013 / adgerellis


“SANTA CLAUS” WAS SAID TO BE A CODE NAME FOR UFO. Walter Schirra aboard Mercury 8 was the first of the astronauts to use the code name ‘Santa Claus’  for Extraterrestrials Vehicles near the  space capsules. No joke, Astronaut Schirra actually publicly said the two words “SANTA CLAUS”. James Lovell on board the Apollo 8 command module announced over the communication link so that the public could hear:


“HASHISH” mixed with tobacco is alleged to have been smoked by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky wrote author Tim Maroney,  in the book “The Book of DZYAN.” (The book’s title has a double meaning) as the title, “The Book of DZYAN” is also suppose to be the same as a very ancient book that is said to be where Madame Blavatsky got much of her information for the Theosophical Society. There is no fault or blame if Theosophy is a syncretic philosophy.


Madame Blavatsky is quoted from her book titled, “Isis Unveiled,” as follows on page 16, “Plants also have mystical properties in a most wonderful degree, and the secrets of the herbs of dreams and enchantments are only lost to European science, and useless to say, too, are unknown to it, except in a few marked instances, such as opium and hashish… Those who are aware of the nature of Soma, know the properties of other plants as well.” A person by the name, Rene Guenon did a slanderous and cruel book about Theosophy, and to stop any wild speculation of “Self-Medication” for access to the “Spirit World, at this time ‘states of existence’ is again an allusion to the creation process.” There is no way to know if any accusations made against  Madame Blavatsky smoking hashish is true, except that she did smoke hand-roll tobacco cigarettes. ( Speculation, just as an after thought, “Astral Matter” is part of the theosophical belief system and again to stress this hypothetical idea of “sub-atomic matter,” a sort of “virtual energy particle” that maybe can be called  “Astral Matter” see this link:   Etheric body of the matrix… ) Theosophy can be treated as a philosophy, more than a religion. However, even as a religion Theosophy is open to all the accusations and complaints that any religion is open to in an exposé. See link”*  Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR, which was prepared for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency: *”Agnes Repplier American essayist and woman-of-letters, wrote “Amusements which do not amuse are among the most depressing of earthly evils… We crave diversion so eagerly, we need it so sorely, that our disappointment in its elusiveness is fed by the flickering of perpetual hope. Ennui has been defined as the desire for activity without the capacity for action, as a state of inertia quickened by discontent. But is rather a desire for amusement than for activity, it is a rational instinct warped by the irony of circumstances, and by our own selfish limitations.”

Religious celebration of the…



and the winter solstice can be good fun but, do not forget the little baby Horus and His Holy Mother Isis, for these two deities have brought a syncretic worship of the change of seasons marked by the Sun and the Moon. “The Book of DZYAN,”  Being a Manuscript Curiously Received by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky with Diverse and Rare Text of Related Interest” …authored by Tim Maroney and published by Chaosium Book in the year 2000 on page 27 clams that it is not “uncommon to mix hashish with tobacco…

Pipe Dreams (1938) Metro Goldwyn Mayer cartoons …

Masseur Rene Guenon makes all kinds of wild accusations against Madame Blavatsky, but what Masseur Guenon fails to write is that the “pious lie” and “Holly Fraud” is common practices of almost all religions. For example, there is a very old medieval joke, that there are enough pieces of the “Real Christ’s Cross of the Crucifixion to build Noah’s Arch.” Hopefully, we will get back to Theosophy in another Blog post, but for now “Happy Holiday.” Traditionally this time of year is jolly for mistletoe and holly, may the following be seen as a joke and a jest lampoon for a fantastic spoof…“AMERICAN DEPARTMENT OF AMUSEMENT.CLUE: General Scout, Mr. Huestis Dimwitty for The United States Dept. Of Amusement lands on the US Capital lawn in an ornithopter to see the United States President who seems to be a mock FDR. The President says something like, “Our country is gravelly passing through a serious crisis. Many of our people’s affairs are in the red. And figuratively their nerves are in the red, but their in grained sturdiness and their faith is not in the red. Any people left with a sense of humor can achieve success and victory. We are endeavoring to pilot that ship pass the most treacherous of all rocks. FEAR !…Maybe, just fear of the song “This is Our Last Night Together,” could be wished to be the last song in the film but what ever, a homage is an honor to the 1938 musical. “Without any if, ands, or buts, we’ve got to see that this new Department of Amusement is a failure. But, why take it so seriously ? Because we have made millions of dollars worth of contracts based on continuance of the depression. .. The world is full of pussyfoot, blue noses, and killjoys. Laughter and gaiety are their arch-enemy. It shouldn’t be hard to see the hand of the devil in Cromwell’s scheme of national nonsense.  We will put millions in cash to back our scheme and leave no stone unturned until Cromwell is defeated. If Cromwell succeed and the mood and temperament of the people become optimistic prosperity will arrival with a BANG ! And that will ruin us…See link:

GANGS, GERIATRICS AND MENTAL ILLNESS , the very serious mental issues that many Americans have, old and young alike, could be caused by “stupefying boredom.” SCHOOLS, MASS MEDIA, AND RELIGIONS should be the foundation of a “viable nation.” School students should be excited to learn, and instead get bored out-of-their-minds.  For the most part, and this Blog has a special interest in MASS MEDIA COMMERCIAL  communications, because for the most part, “mass commercial communications” that influences school children through entertainment and advertising  is as dull as the “back-end-of-a-jackass !” Commercial communications in the United States, generally, with only a few exception is one big “homogeneous” blend of monotonous mind numbing stupor of the same thing no matter what station or channel you go to, boring, boring, boring ! Why any advertiser would pay to send out chronic ennui is astounding. Commercial Mass Media advertisers are just wasting their money, unless there is better, more interesting, informative and entertaining programming. Richard Collier, presumably the author and writer wrote, “One factor, above all, helped to stave off boredom: the never-ending pursuit of novelty. ‘What do you have that’s new and beautiful today ?’ Grace Wilson Vanderbilt would enquire of the clerks at Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue. Some took advance precautions against the malaise:  At his villa at Californie on the heights above Cannes, the Russian Prince Cherkassy employed 48 gardeners to change the flower beds overnight and thus surprise him each dawn.” Now, we all do not have the luxury of our gardeners changing the flowers every day, ( =flippant snarky) but the radio and televisions is almost useless for news, information and entertainment. Young people and some old people withdrawal into themselves because of ennui, for the reason of life experience they are passive, not self-starters, not motivated to go out and experience the world and all the fun and joy that the world can provided. At first some young people and some old people can not adjust to change, (as  Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s “self-medication to get in touch with the “spirit-world”) and bodily changes like old age.  Than some people deny change and become full of


and reclusively depressed. Then forgetfulness, “second-childhood,”  senile dementia takes over the reclusive mind into crime or sleepy “catatonic like” dullness. Some old people cry in despair real tears, and a few young people are out to hurt people just to feel alive from all the dull tedium of their lives. Now, now, there are circumstances that deserve pity. Tragedy, for example when I was in High School, an excellent high school athlete and trumpet player died from a brain hemorrhage when a blood vesicle broke in his brain when he was playing a trumpet. Another example, when I was in the army the Arm Forces Radio broadcast a news report of a tanker truck full of sulfuric acid that crashed and splashed acid all over people so badly that many of the people begged to be killed because they were burned by the acid so badly. And even little things like a false ceiling falling and a house fire that kills people who are asleep, deserve our pity. However, a rainy day that ruins a sports game, or a person who has their electric disconnected because they willfully did not want to pay their electric bill, with no other contingencies, such as sickness “pity” is the wrong word to use ! Some old people have a “startled reaction” when faced with external events as a Primitive Reflex Response… that can be seen from the “fear” of “break-dancing” or a good-nurtured “hardy-laugh” or student movement out-of-joy. Personal experience, some old people who have called the police because they “hear music in their head” and hear people “screaming” so that they can not sleep, as they “need their sleep” all day and all night with nothing to do except feel sorry for themselves, because they are old, confused and lonely. They have no friends, few family members care about them because they are troubled people who hear and see things that no one else can see or hear, and endless medical complaints that they have no transportation to go to a medical doctor, and even then no money to see a specialist, psychiatrist,  mental health case worker to these people young and old disturb the neighborhood with mischief and complaints to the police, Animal Control and government about frivolous and trivial nonsense. The radio and television that could be a useful companion and helpful aide for information just regurgitates dull, incipient blandness. And… Aquarius: NO PLACE CALLED “Utopia”


Sponsors (commercial) pay for this boredom ? See link… !

pay for this ? !

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