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March 26, 2014 / adgerellis


Russia and the Ukraine, Gravity and Levity in a very serious territorial dispute similar to the early land disputes in the United State between Spain, Britain and France, with the native indigenous people caught in between the European land grab. “Read history and weep,” said he,  “Crimea was part of Russia, until 1954 when Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave the peninsula to Ukraine – at that time a Soviet republic.”  So, are you paying attention ? Russian and Ukrainian land dispute is a regional matter, all other nation states, “Keep-Out…!” Why ? ” “Flowers In Your Hair” War is not nice.  Condescension on purpose; cynicism on this Blog’s part because, for all the patriotic rhetoric, women and children, the very poor destitute, sick and handicapped are in many cases the first to be killed and injured in war. Now lets add to the cynicism and put destruction to historical property, national monuments and private property, and therefore, war is not a very good option. Who said, “War is Hell” !? Russia is reported to have used BZ Gas,

Moscow hostage crisis chemical agent ” Western media speculated widely as to the identity of the substance that was used to end the siege, and chemicals such as the tranquilizer diazepam (Valium), the anticholinergic BZ, the highly potent oripavine-derived Bentley-series opioid etorphine, another highly potent opioid, such as a fentanyl or an analogue thereof, such as 3-methylfentanil, and the anaesthetic halothane were proposed. Foreign embassies in Moscow issued official requests for more information on the gas to aid in treatment, but were publicly ignored. While still refusing to identify the gas, on October 28, 2002 the Russian government informed the U.S. Embassy of some of the gas’s effects. Based on this information and examinations of victims, doctors concluded the gas was a morphine derivative. The Russian media reported the drug was Kolokol-1, either mefentanyl or α-methylfentanil dissolved in a halothane base. ” Blogs like this have stressed, now more condescension, because of the serious nature of war, “legalized murder,” by nation states, BZ is a hallucinogen like LSD…(See link…

Lysergic acid diethylamide


ЛСД[ред.  ред. код]

Матеріал з Вікіпедії — вільної енциклопедії…

Bloggers, Liberals and Progressives continually warned against violence, war and Exotic Weapons Systems. Neo Cons contra, are bellicose, hostile and lack some sort of historical understanding of the “logical chain” and consequences of their actions. Military rape, ” *Rape is a power thing, not a hetero or homosexual thing. *” See link… ” Women in ‘combat-like’ military roles most likely rape victims”

Read more: ” Now, add something like LSD or 

Hallucinogen Mind Control Drug
Increasing Popularity Date Rape Drug*”

 See link… But, you haven’t seen anything yet ! >>”* Yes, Syria Used Chemical Weapons,*”…  Oh, children, used as “Suicide Bombers,” blood and guts, so on a large dose of LSD, over 100 micrograms, not only Out-Of-the-Body Experiences (=OBE) See link …, But, Near-Death Experience, combatants, non-combatant, women, children, miscellany others, trauma, PTSD,  and insanity all on a trip, light and airy unto death do us part. A  “Danse Macabre,”... Giggle, as we die. Sid Hurwich inventor, discovered a way to change the flow of time, if the story is true, reported in December 17, 1977 issue of the newspaper “Vancover Sun Times.”

«Военная Литература»

 See link… “Israel’s Secret Weapon? “…!topic/explorationscience/-uVn2lVDxKM Doctor Roger Nelson worked for an organization called Global Consciousness Project… See link… Doctor Robert Jahn began another organization called the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory that looked at electronics and computers to find human brain consciousness, emotions such as “HATE” or “LOVE” can change physical reality. Dr. Roger Nelson made a report as follows, “RANDOM EVENT GENERATOR (REG), connected to a laptop or palmtop computer in the year 1977, RANDOM EVENT GENERATOR was made into a worldwide network that ran seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day looking for data changes in human collective consciousness. A collective “Vigil for Peace”. Doctor Nelson discovered mathematically that ordinary people, in large groups actually change numbers coming out of the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR. Global Consciousness Project’s proves that a collective spirit of good emotional feeling can change what could be a tragedy into a good event. Chaos, or a happy feeling makes the human mind “coherent” as in the case of prayer and deep hypnotic meditation. When we meditate on good feeling and happy thoughts the computer randomness in electronic circuits are mathematically more even , more perfectly coherent. Doctor Claude Swanson, (MIT)   Massachusetts Institute of Technology  in his book, “Synchronized Universe” wrote, “James Twyman synchronized prayer groups for peace. Mathematically, prayers for peace “altered the physics of quantum back ground and the level of chaos worldwide for a time (as discovered in the Global Consciousness Project, Conflict Resolution, (see link…, had more coherence as measured on the Radom Event Generator. As levity, no joke would have it, and as serious as violence can be, the dream on DMT, delusional, hallucinogenic, a little “Machine Elves” can be seen talking to you !

  • Dimethyltryptamine…Діметилтриптамін — алкалоїд, сильнодіюча психоактивна речовина з класу триптамінів, психоделік. За хімічною структурою діметилтриптамін схожий із серотоніном — одним з найважливіших нейромедіаторів головного мозку ссавців. Діметилтриптамін також виробляється в невеликих кількостях людським організмом у процесі метаболізму.Конфліктоло́гія — вчення про конфлікт, його генезу, протікання, наслідки тощо…  DMT, машина Ельфи будуть говорити з вами і розповісти вам, як мати мирний народ з вирішення конфліктів, не жарт, серйозний ідеї.За визначенням М. І. Пірен[1]конфліктологія — «наука в багатьох вимірах: вона охоплює людину, її місце в природі, людському суспільстві і специфіку психологічних оцінок та внутрішньоособистих вимірів. Конфліктологія — міждисциплінарна галузь знань. У ній мають місце поняття та категорії багатьох наук, які певною мірою пов’язані з проблемами життя і розвитку» В іншому місці конфліктологія визначається як «наука про зіткнення, проблемне функціонування особи, людського суспільства, природи та взаємодії людини і природи».<<
  • N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family. When ingested, DMT acts as a hallucinogenic drug. Wikipedia

Yes, the DMT “Machine Elves” will tell you how to resolve national conflict as will come natural for a peaceful world… 


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