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April 2, 2014 / adgerellis

#Ukraine, No War ! Україна, ні війни!

9 Air Force Commanders fired from jobs over nuclear missile test cheating    1967, Command Missile Combat Officers; Missileers assigned to operate the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile , an essential part of America’s Cold War strategic nuclear deterrent. ... 1967/462967623754732  Connection of the two events ? Four whistleblowers that had worked in American National Security, Thomas Drake, Ray McGovern, Jesselyn Radack and Coleen Rowley presented Mr. Edward Snowden with the  “Sam Adams Award”  for “Integrity In Intelligence.” Maybe, no suggestion, to know of the Malmstorm Air Force Base incident and how serious this event is for United States defense. 9 fired US Air Force Commanders also must know, and could-they-would, these Air Force Commanders say, would “Shock-the-World.” Missile launch code changed by unknown stealth intruder spies, see link…  Snooping spies, angry to defend self-centered ego; superficial personality, or to defend true wisdom, humanity and civilization by not making false reports, no perjury or hypocritical duplicity from schizoid crazies. Edward Snowden in appreciation of the award remarked that NSA mass surveillance, “don’t make us safe” He said, “They hurt our economy. They hurt our country. They limit our ability to speak and think and to live and be creative, to have relationships, to associate freely,… There’s a far cry between legal programs, legitimate spying, legitimate law enforcement where it’s targeted, based on reasonable, individualized suspicion and warranted action, …”Странное дело №74. “НЛО. Закрытое досье”…

Book of Dzyan

1889, in that year H. P. Blavatsky entered in the Office of the Librarian of US Congress at Washington, D.C. USA.  Lieutenant Colonel Arthur E. Powell in the year 1928  made a commentary or exegesis on Madame Blavatsky’s works. “The Causal Body and the Ego”,  published in London, England as a moral lesson for any thought about causing a war, and now a deep concern for diplomatic solutions for the Ukraine, and Crimea, but just remember  …

1954 transfer of Crimea

ЦИТАТА: Старий мудрість книги концепцій

Шпигуни, шпигун, дивіться, що ви робите і квантової хвиля руйнується просторучасу континуум трепінг для вас. Так, ви.

= Dying is no problem. Death can be in an instant. Dying death and bereavement is a problem when the guts, bowels come out, in pain,  sex organs are damaged by fire, burned or ripped off and a “pretty face” has no jaw, eyes or tongue, just stop and think ! You ! Oh, pain, suffering by mother, sister, daughter, baby (?), are you right in the head? You ! Dead !  Stop being a provocateur and hooligan, patriotism is good, but killing innocent people, women and babies is just crazy and pain, hurt, fear is no patriot, just insane.

Вибачення, древній текст англійською мовою

جواسيس، والتجسس، انظر ما يمكنك القيام به، وأن موجه الكم يطوي الوقت الفضاء متوالية يعوض لك. نعم، يمكنك.
اقتباس: الحكمة القديمة كتاب مفاهيم… =اعتذار، والنصالقديمفياللغةالإنجليزية

ציטוטים: זקן חוכמה ספר מושגיםהתנצלות,טקסטעתיקבשפההאנגלית=

מרגלים, מרגל, ראה מה אתה עושה, הגל הקוונטית כיווץ הרצף לוכד את מרחבהזמן. . כן, אתה.

“…evil, however strong it may seem, has within itself the germ of its own destruction, while everything that is good has in it the seed of immortality. The secret of this lies in the fact that everything evil is inharmonious, because it sets itself against the cosmic law. Sooner or later, therefore, it is broken up by that law, dashed into pieces against it. Everything that is good, on the other hand, being in harmony with the law, is taken on by it and carried forward: it becomes part of the stream of evolution, of that “not ourselves which makes for righteousness,” and therefore can never perish or be destroyed.
We may conceive of all the experiences of a man as passing through a fine sieve or mesh: only that which is good can pass through: that which is evil is left behind, rejected. In this, the very mechanism by which the causal body, the vehicle of the man that endures, is built up, lies not only the hope of the man, but the certainty of his final triumph. However slow the growth, it is there: however long the way, it has its ending. The individual, which is our Self, is evolving, and cannot be utterly destroyed. Even though by our folly we may make the growth slower than need be, none the less everything we contribute to it, however little, last in it for ever, and is our possession for all the ages that lie in front.

“Whilst nothing evil can be stored in the causal body, it is, however, stored, if we may so use the term, in the law of justice, every man must receive the results of his own actions, be they bad or good. But evil necessarily works itself out of the lower planes, because it is only in matter of those planes that its vibrations can be expressed, and it has not even overtones capable of awakening a response in the causal body. It’s for, therefore, is all expended at its own level, and reacts in its entirety upon its creator in his astral and physical life, whether in this or in future incarnation.” Blogs like this are at a loss to understand why politicians in England and America could not see the possibility of “Mission Creep,” being spied on by the Security Agencies themselves for some secret political agenda, insider trading, corporate espionage, tax evasion, anything, or everything, an indiscretion or “peccadillo.” Spy, even bragging that the spies can spy on the White House, or maybe even Buckingham Palace. What  ? You didn’t Know  !  You didn’t suspect ? Leaked NSA documents confirm on-line covert deception involves UFOs…

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