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April 15, 2014 / adgerellis

#Ukraine, No War ! Україна, ні війни! Part Three

Der Spiegel, is a very respected German news magazine. Please, “Der Shitstorm,” was a feature new story about the NSA. ( See link… Geheime Zutat der Shitstorms... ) The German news media got its full of NSA spying and can hardly imagine that NATO and by extension the European Union have any plans for terrorism and weapons of mass destruction against the United States. BOUNDLESS INFORMANT, NSA code name, put Germany in the same group of nations as China, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. NAZI INTERNATIONAL organization, some people believe, or as fantastic as many people believe, an Alien Extraterrestrial  presences on Planet Earth, maybe there is good reason for the snooping on the European Union as a precaution against secret destabilizing activity. For example, the foolish destabilizing actions in the Ukraine, International Monetary Fund, just pay the Russian’s for the natural gas that the Ukraine used. Ukrainian use of Russian natural gas is nothing but a “scarecrow.” The expense of the gas will coast a lot less than a World War, or a Ukrainian Civil War. Putin neglected to mention that Crimea is rich in natural resources like oil and gas. Russia is looking for new ways to supplant its dwindling Siberian energy reserves. If Russia claims Crimea, then any energy resources found there will be under Russian rule, a VERY GOOD OPTION for Putin to have in his finances…. Russia rents its Sevastopol base from Ukraine, where it has a presence better suited to bullying small neighbors than fighting a real war, according to Mark Galeotti, author of “Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces Since 1991.” Ruusia needs a warm water port for the Russian Navy, and that regional hegemony is certainly acceptable by international law. Do not lie ! NATO is in reality encircling Russia, therefore Russia has a right to self-defence. as FOR A NATURAL GAS PIPE-LINE, CERTAINLY SOME FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENT CAN BE MADE WITH UKRAINE. WHY ALWAYS BLOOD AND GUTS, DEATH AND WAR THIS IS CONFLICT RESOLUTION ? ( SEE LINK…Украина, пожалуйста, ни войны

Jokingly, “Shock and Awe,” is needed from the Extraterrestrials, please, do what you can so that there is no war in the Ukraine, as your ships have flown over Moscow, (  See link...”UFO Spotted Above Moscow’s Red Square” As your ships have flown over in 1976 Tehran, UFO incident…(See link… ) Did the Iranian Air Force Shoot a UFO Down Example Two, and a deep historical perspective, your ships flew over in “1942 footage and radio report of Los Angeles, “Battle of  Los Angeles  “...  Watching the United States getting ready for War. World governments know that the Extraterrestrials are watching, and certainly NSA is on the watch for UFO telemetry, NRO, CIA and what ever other “spooks” there are, and most intelligent people on Planet Earth know that Extraterrestrial are observing what goes on, so why hide ? Come on ET, give a little “Shock and Awe” (See link…   ! Just as the US Air Force “Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth” See link… “We should be able to observe that which observes us.” Ukraine’s natural gas debt to Russia is nothing but a “scarecrow”, a “confrontational biases,” an “over-reach” in logic. Proof of extraterrestrials watching us all, in the United States there is a place named “Brown Mountain,” in the State of North Carolina any tourist can visit, and see for themselves, orbs, or/and round spheres of glowing light that most rational people believe act with intent and seem to be intelligently controlled. ” Brown Mountain Lights “... “Russian Mountain Lights, orbs and spheres”…,+orbs+%26+spheres&rlz=1C2OPRB_enUS547US547&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=Qf9LU-HmBKiX2QXf6oCICg&ved=0CCoQsAQ&biw=1600&bih=799#q=Russian+Mountain+Lights%2C+orbs+and+spheres&tbm=isch ET’s Aliens, if they want to know what is going on, should be monitoring the internet, e-mails and Blogs just like the NSA, or maybe the National Security Agency is monitoring the internet for the Extraterrestrials. Ha ! Ha  ! Bozo, that is supposed to be a joke ! Historical metaphor and human brain speculation in old religious allegory: All this about the prophet Moses growing-up in Pharaoh’s court, Moses must have leaned court secrets, least of these court secrets would be the location and god dust from Hathor’s Temple on top of the real MT. Sinai. Israel was given Hathor’s gold dust by Moses in the Sinai desert to wake-up extra sensory perception of the pineal gland, that is the “Third Eye.” Pharaoh’s Army chased the Israelites across the desert to the Red Sea for the gold dust of  Hathor and the secret knowledge of the location of Hathor’s Temple on top of the Mountain called Jabel-al-Lawz. …..Joke Song  “We are mind with a body, not a body with a mind,” not original, but quote of unknown origin. Magical-mystery-tour release a globe of light that is the “mind” in the Astral Body. (See link… Spheres and Orbs seem to be intelligently controlled and might be “pure intellect” enclosed in a light globe of consciousness. Released from the brain, this light orb from possibly the pineal gland could be made of “Thought Energy” or memory essence, as in Astral Body projected into a sphere. Just a thought, Ha ! Ha !  ->>  <<-

Mount Sinai, the mountain that the Prophet Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments, has had the mountains location is in dispute. Jebel al Lawz, could be, as some people think, is the real Mt. Sinai… (See link...” had been burned at high temperature”….  (’s+Gold&oq=Hathor’s+Gold&gs_l=img.12…10792.17836.0.20963.…0…1.1.41.img..4.9.722.sROfodgpubA#q=Goddes+Hathor%27s+Gold&tbm=isch)

Jabal al-Lawz is located in Saudi Arabia

Jabal al-Lawz
Jabal al-Lawz

Location in Saudi Arabia

Elevation 2,580 m (8,465 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,622 m (5,322 ft)[1]
Listing Ultra
Translation mountain of almonds
Location Saudi Arabia
Coordinates 28°39′15″N 35°18′21″E / 28.65417°N 35.30583°E / 28.65417; 35.30583Coordinates: 28°39′15″N 35°18′21″E / 28.65417°N 35.30583°E / 28.65417; 35.30583[1]

Jabal al-Lawz (Arabic: جبل اللوز‎) (also known as Gebel el-Lawz) is a mountain located in northwest Saudi Arabia, near the Jordan border, above the Gulf of Aqaba at 2580 metres above sea level. The name means mountain of almonds.[2]

Claims made by some writers, including Bob Cornuke, Ron Wyatt and Lennart Moller, that this is the real biblical Mount Sinai have been rejected by such scholars”… been, Mount Sinai has an old temple on top dedicated to the Egyptian deity Hathor…See link…     

Now, one reason why Mt. Sinai could be Mount Jabal al-Lawz is in the temple to the female deity Hathor, a metal melting furnaces and the metal that was melted was GOLD ! GOLD, not as the usual hard metal, but a rare fine powder from GOLD dust, now called MONO-ATOMIC GOLD. (See link... Old ancient Egyptian priests seems to have given this special powdered GOLD to the Egyptian pharaohs, and, naturally the priest eat and consumed the powered MONO-ATOMIC GOLD themselves, as the Greeks knew this substance as NECTAR…  and AMBROSIA, See link...  Religion and drugs :  MAYBE NOT, BUT NEVERTHELESS, POWDERED GOLD WAS FOUND IN THE TEMPLE OF HATHOR. ( SEE link…’s+Temple+golden+calf&tbm=isch) PINEAL GLAND, has nothing to do with penis, well maybe indirectly…  Occult literature claims the pineal gland is the “Third Eye,” … See link…  The pineal gland according to occult tradition is suppose to be the psychic center of the human mind, and all sorts of spiritual powers, telepathy, ESP, and “Astral Projection,” ( See Link… ) Hathor’s Temple, or what some people think is the real Mt. Sinai, even today there are orbs, and spheres of light floating around, that seem to be under intelligent control. MONO-ATOMIC GOLD eaten, and consumed by humans may awaken psychic powers to control the physical world and force history and reality to change by sheer “will-power,” plus this is suppose to be done by “Lucid dreaming,” , encourage by MONO-ATOMIC GOLD…  Remember, this mono-atomic gold was found in the temple of Hathor at the top of Mount Jabal al-Lawz, so there must have been some use for this strange powder, and eating it, or drinking it seems to be the case for the Egyptian priest and pharaoh. The Pharaoh of Egypt was supposed to be a “god,” or going to be a “god” in death. Lucid dreaming was the way to be a “god,” maybe with the help of powdered mono-atomic gold by Alchemy…See link... ONEIRONIC CONSCIOUS, ONEIRONAUTIC DREAMS, Self-consciousness… (See link… To change the world, change your self, with the Extraterrestrials looking at you, Україна, ні війни!..  Вмираючихнеєпроблемою.Смертьможебутив одну мить.Вмирає, смертьтатяжкої втратиєпроблемою, коликишки,кишечникавийти,болю,статевихорганівєпошкодженийпожежею,спаленіабозірваві“доситьобличчя”немаєщелепу,очіабоязика,простозупинитисяіподумати!Ви!Ах,болю,страждань,мати,сестра,дочка,дитяче(?),чививідразувголову?Ви!Мертвих! ->Моя бабуся Сінг  Перестатибутипровокаторіхуліган,патріотизмхороші,алевбивстваневиннихлюдей,жінкиідітипростобожевільніібіль,боляче,страхєнеПатріот,простобожевільні

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