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October 25, 2014 / adgerellis

Halloween week ! President Obama must know some frightening stories.

President Obama must know frightening stories. Halloween week fits right in there with stories that frighten people. Go along, to get along is a good idea when there seems to be an “OUT-SIDE-FORCE” that might terrorize and threaten the United States,  -and harm the economy. Old and lame joke, given here in the spirit of scary Halloween. As a foolish comment on what some people take for reality, so this bad joke goes like this, “JFK was killed because he thought that he was president.” That is a scary joke, isn’t it ? Yes, the joke is supposed to be silly and impossible,  just the way children think, or animals act in a zoo if one  simian “acts-up” or has a temper-tantrum  [( infraorder Simiiformes, Anthropoidea ) are the “higher primates” familiar to most people: the Old World monkeys and apes, including humans, …From Wikipedia] some of the other simians might copy the temper-tantrum and start to “act-up,” also. Sort of a,  -primate “herd-mentality.” See link…Herd mentality…  Children a long time ago use to play a game, and some adults in a sublimated  (sublimate = especially in psychoanalytic theory) divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity. “people who will sublimate sexuality into activities which help to build up and preserve civilization”) still do, the game was a “Copy-Cat” game. See link… Crime, vandalism and much petty mischief to this Blogger’s understanding comes from “Copy-Cat” actions, seen on the internet, television or motion pictures.  The way to counteract crime, vandalism and petty mischief is not religion or more laws, but good public conduct presented on the internet, television and motion pictures. Hip-Hop and Grunge can be funny, but not hurtful, and present good moral conduct. I’ve seen the videos, and like many of them. Macho, “Real-Men” does not have to mean “Bad-Guys,” Criminals and mischief makers.  A “good person” does not mean “weakling,” wussy, wuss, pushover, coward as I’ve heard some Neocons say. Neocons, who (and, oh I could use some vulgarities and obscenities against these) pompous-self righteous “jackals,” but no, “Go along, to get along” in a time of danger and terrorism. That shows discretion, and caution so as not to excite the “crazies” and religious zealots” who never tier of publicly declaring the end of the United States. The United States is the very country that has made possible Hip-Hop, Grunge, and the religious crazies. Very few other counties would stand for the apocalyptic slander against the Chief Executive as is broadcast. Go and try that in Israel, Saudi Arabia, or China. Ha ! Ha ! You radical fools ! And, yes that includes the slandering, pompous NEOCONS,  who use their radio talk-shows to demonize the Office of President of the United States. Generally, the NEOCONS act like spoiled-sports and spiteful petulant children. NEOCONS  have NO idea what is going on in this world and their knowledge of history and science in some cases is positively medieval… SEE VIDEO =Major General Charles Bolden: NASA Administrator

As Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Good old Ben ! He had it right and the “TALKING HEADS” on radio and television just to demonstrate their astonishing ignorance of the deep technological and political significance, the nation of India’s Planet Mars probe was virtually ignored on the “public air-waves” in the United States. NOTICE PLEASE: India sent a probe to the Planet Mars for cost-less than NASA,  -do you hear anyone saying “SUCKERS TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ?”‘Astronomic Price? India’s first Mars probe costs ‘less than Hollywood film’ SEE LINK…   NOT BY ACCIDENT, could this happen, because every little unimportant murder, disease and horror gets so much “air-time” that it drives listeners and viewers away. Please, why do commercial sponsors pay radio and television to broadcast constant horrendous acts and horror that no sane person would ever want to listen to or see? That excluding the religious crazies who want the end of the world and “suck-up” such mental poison. India the Nation, an ancient history as leaders know, not only to relive population pressure, but new discoveries will come from space exploration. This Blogger with no proof, but only an educated guess, NASA, and the BIG INTERNATIONAL  MILITARY  CORPORATIONS are deliberately keeping the public ignorant of the BIG MONEY MAKING opportunities in outer-space exploration, and new discoveries that will be made. The big corporation and the “military-industrial complex” want to be first to find the new discoveries. They have an information monopoly, to make the ignorant and dumbed-down public pay and pay and pay for any new, innovative novelty, inventions and discoveries that come from space exploration. Reader of this Blog, go “play-with-your-self,” or be a real adult and find out what is really going on in this world, you will probably never hear anything important from commercial radio or television, unless it is an event so big that they can not hide it.

synonyms: channel, control, divert, transfer, redirect, convert

“work can serve as a means of sublimating rage”

way, still do

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