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November 26, 2014 / adgerellis


William Herschel constructed his catalog of deep sky objects in 1786, he used the name spiral nebula for certain objects such as M31. These would later be recognized as immense conglomerations of stars, when the true distance to these objects began to be appreciated, and they would be termed island universes. However, the word Universe was understood to mean the entirety of existence, so this expression fell into disuse and the objects instead became known as galaxies.[14]” From WIKIPEDIA…Fiat money.” (see ¬†link: is as infinite as the universe, that is the point of the above. Older workers need jobs to survive, if they are healthy in mind and body. Big caveat, if they are healthy in mind and body. No forcing the sick and crazy to work, that is not only counterproductive, forcing sick and emotional troubled people to work is DESTRUCTIVE of the whole economy because of their sickness and emotions, generally can not do their job properly. Therefore, fiat money can create jobs. do it !

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