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November 27, 2014 / adgerellis

GOO- slime, ooze, seeping slime come after you…parasites

SENTIENT OIL, from “Deep EarthSoulcatcher could be from “Deep-Time”  Ha ! Ha ! L-O-L the education system, the social system must change to fit the bigger populations and new technologies. This Blogger does not want to see 66% of this beautiful Planet Earth’s population killed. “Cry-Out,” that science and technology has far surpassed many peoples’ understanding. That is not most peoples’ fault, but a product of a deliberate “dumbing-down.” People, generally do NOT know what to do with their “FREEDOM.” Elites, generally do know what to do, because they have been trained and in some causes abused into believing that they were born to control humanity. In a radio broadcast, I heard that to many “ignorant” people are being born, if that is true the people being born should be taken care of like an exotic animal, or a special flower protected, nurtured and shown compassion so that they can learn, “right from wrong,” Now, fool, that does not mean to “let them get with away with murder.” Entertainment should educate and edify, NOT show new ways to hurt people. Past Blogs have made it clear, that a lot of pain and suffering comes from real and imaginary feelings of “rejection” and “abandonment.’ BOREDOM is also the cause of a lot of “petty theft,” vandalism and mischief. You (!), the so called “Elites” are the cause of this by NOT properly spending your money on public service project that get to the true cause of social problems. NEOCONS, in many cases to this Blogger are not only misguided, but down right deceitful in some of their arguments, because their logic, the analytical “chain of cause and effect” just does not sustain their arguments.

“Elites,” or some may call them the “INTELLIGENTSIA” Naturally, that is a miss-direction.”  In pre-revolutionary Russia the term was first used to describe people possessing cultural and political initiative.[3] It was commonly used by those individuals themselves to create an apparent distance from the masses, and generally retained that narrow self-definition.[citation needed] More recently the term mass intelligentsia has been popularized to describe the intellectual effect of tertiary education upon a population. See the mass intelligentsia section below.

The emergence of intelligentsia preceded the term ‘intelligentsia’ as proposed by the Polish Romantics.[4] It was associated with the development of cities, the mass spread of printing and the construction of tenement houses available for rental occupancy in the urban core. That’s where the embryonic intelligentsia: journalists, teachers, civil servants, could find an apartment outside traditional class divisions.[4] In the opinion of historian Maciej Janowski (The Rise of the Intelligentsia, 1750-1831) the new intelligentsia became “servants” to the modern state in the degree that the state they served, i.e. the partitioned Poland became increasingly backward and repressive. In the Polish language the term ‘inteligencja’ was popularised in a meaning close to the present one by the Polish philosopher Karol Libelt, and became widespread in Polish science after the publication of his O miłości ojczyzny (On Love of the Fatherland) in 1844. In this publication he defined “inteligencja” as well-educated members of the society who undertake to lead others in a moral capacity as scholars, teachers, clergy, engineers, etc., and who guide for the reason of their higher enlightenment.[4][5]

The term was also popularised by a Russian writer, Pyotr Boborykin, in the 1860s, who proclaimed himself the “godfather” of the notion.[citation needed] He claimed that he borrowed the term from German culture, where the term Intelligenz denoted the social strata of people engaged in intellectual occupations, however he insisted on a special meaning of the Russia term, which had an additional implication of high intellectual culture.[citation needed] From there it came into English and several other languages…” (=From Wikipedia) “INTELLIGENTSIA” get no respect for this word is full of derision. Over-used by the Communist, no derision to teach “ARTS-AND-CRAFTS,” individual and singular active recreation. Entertainment, edification,  -internet Blogging, -internet video, -internet radio, music and “theoretical science” all to make the Planet Earth a better place to live. Now, for the dangerous “ooze, goo- seeping slime-parasites come after you..Hybrid Nanomaterial Complexes for Advanced Phage-guided Gene… .”Main-stream needs to be better informed,” GMO’s, genetic engineering, just go slow and know. SEE LINK Soulcatcher

Parks and play-grounds for adults to teach children to dance and sing, and show respect for nature and wild animals. “MOTHER NATURE” has pulled a magic trick on international bankers, because apparently the bacteria called, “Delftia acidovorans and Cupriavidus metallidurans make GOLD !  Alchemist, get out your flasks and retorts and start making gold for the betterment of HUMANITY . Ha ! Ha !  Nature’s joke is so funny ! Cry for all the wars, murders and killing, fights and feuds and nature makes gold for free. Free ! Just for the taking, if you LEARN how to use bacteria to make gold and sentient oil….SEE LINK:

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