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January 30, 2015 / adgerellis

Ferguson, Satire and Charlie Hebdo

Stupid ! Stupid ! Stupid ! Simpleton ! Simpleton ! Simpleton ! Expletive ! Sorry, a profuse apology for miss-spoken imprecation. Best meant, “SPITEFUL ! SPITEFUL ! SPITEFUL !” More than, Spiteful – Synonyms from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary. “Spiteful,” having or showing a desire to cause someone pain or suffering for the sheer enjoyment of it <the gossip would utter the most vicious things with a spiteful smile>

Synonyms, bitchy, catty, cruel, despiteful, malevolent, maliciousmean, nasty, spiteful, vicious,  This Blogger understands the word “spiteful’ to mean hurting ones self to cause pain and suffering to another person, as a crazy contrary reactionary action that has no advantage for anybody, only pain and suffering  giving extreme negative emotional reaction. “Spite,” is not a mature adult emotion and is very crazy, that is mentally pathological to hurt-self, to make other people feel bad.

…Shooting of Michael Brown – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, see // //

“Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, 28, a white Ferguson police officer. The disputed circumstances of the shooting and the resultant protests and civil unrest received considerable attention in the U.S. and abroad, and sparked a vigorous debate about law enforcement’s relationship with African-Americans, and police use of force doctrine in Missouri and nationwide.

Shortly before the shooting, Brown robbed a nearby convenience store, stole several cigarillos, and shoved the store clerk. Wilson had been notified by police dispatch of the robbery and the suspect’s description. He encountered Brown and Dorian Johnson as they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic. Although Wilson’s initial contact with Brown and Johnson was unrelated to the robbery, Wilson said that he recognized that the two men matched the robbery suspect descriptions.[2][3] Wilson backed up his cruiser and blocked them. An altercation ensued with Brown and Wilson struggling through the window of the police vehicle until Wilson’s gun was fired. Brown and Johnson then fled, with Wilson in pursuit of Brown. Brown stopped and turned to face the officer. The entire interaction eventually resulted in Officer Wilson firing at him several times all striking him in the front. In the entire altercation, Wilson fired a total of twelve bullets;[4] the last was probably the fatal shot.[5][6][7]” 

“Michael Brown robbed a nearby convenience store, stole several cigarillos, and shoved the store clerk.” WHAT ! Kill another person because he “stole” cigars and shoved a store clerk ? “Reality adjustment ” is needed there. Cigars must have been very valuable, Oooh, maybe, 9.00 dollars for a hand full of Cigarillos. “Cigarillo translated from Spanish as “little cigar”. Cigarillos are essentially cigars little in size. Another known name for cigarillos is “Seven Minute Cigar”.As for the supposed shoving of a sales clerk, please never go to shop the day after Thanksgiving or the day after New Years. Please note, the following “Hyper-Text’ is courtesy of some gender confused girls…// // <![CDATA[
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// ]]>

Arabic literature – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, see // //

” Arabic poetry, the genre of satirical poetry was known as hija. Satire was introduced into prose literature by the Afro-Arab author al-Jahiz in the 9th century. While dealing with serious topics in what are now known as anthropology, sociology and psychology, he introduced a satirical approach, “based on the premise that, however serious the subject under review, it could be made more interesting and thus achieve greater effect, if only one leavened the lump of solemnity by the insertion of a few amusing anecdotes or by the throwing out of some witty or paradoxical observations.”[10] He was well aware that, in treating of new themes in his prose works, he would have to employ a vocabulary of a nature more familiar in hija, satirical poetry.For example, in one of his zoological works, he satirized the preference for longer human penis size, writing: “If the length of the penis were a sign of honor, then the mule would belong to the (honorable tribe of) Quraysh“. Another satirical story based on this preference was an Arabian Nights tale called “Ali with the Large Member”.[11]

In the 10th century, the writer Tha’alibi recorded satirical poetry written by the poets As-Salami and Abu Dulaf, with As-Salami praising Abu Dulaf’s wide breadth of knowledge and then mocking his ability in all these subjects, and with Abu Dulaf responding back and satirizing As-Salami in return.[12] An example of Arabic political satire included another 10th-century poet Jarir satirizing Farazdaq as “a transgressor of the Sharia” and later Arabic poets in turn using the term “Farazdaq-like” as a form of political satire.[13]

The terms “comedy” and “satire” became synonymous after Aristotle‘s Poetics was translated into Arabic in the medieval Islamic world, where it was elaborated upon by Arabic writers and Islamic philosophers, such as Abu Bischr, his pupil al-Farabi, Avicenna, and Averroes. Due to cultural differences, they disassociated comedy from Greek dramatic representation and instead identified it with Arabic poetic themes and forms, such as hija (satirical poetry). They viewed comedy as simply the “art of reprehension”, and made no reference to light and cheerful events, or troublous beginnings and happy endings, associated with classical Greek comedy. After the Latin translations of the 12th century, the term “comedy” thus gained a new semantic meaning in Medieval literature.[14]

YES ! This Blogger is well aware of the conspiracy theories around the French Charlie Hebdo killings. However, no paid assassin “gets a free pass” just because they are a mercenary murderer. That guilt and responsibility goes with the job, police or assassin. Christians took “high-umbrage” to the Monty Python’s film, “The Life Of Brian,” but there was no paid assassin who killed anyone, even if the motion picture was offensive to some people…see   “Life Of Brian,’ was a satire, but the question is, who was “Brain” suppose to be, if you truly know the history of Christianity there have been many ‘copy-cats” and pretenders to the Christian representation of the person named “Jesus.” Simon Magus, for example was just one such pretender. See – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Simon the Sorcerer or Simon the Magician, in Latin Simon Magus, (Greek Σίμων ὁ μάγος) was a Samaritan magus or religious figure and a convert to Christianity, baptised by Philip the Evangelist, whose later confrontation with Peter is recorded in Acts 8:9–24. The sin of simony, or paying for position and influence in the church, is named for Simon.” For-Goodness-Sake, in the late 1960s there were many Hippies going around in a “Jesus-Like-Persona.” As far as this Blogger knows, nobody tried to kill the supposed “Jesus-Look-A-Likes….” See,

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