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March 6, 2015 / adgerellis

HELL ! Winter’s Cold Icy Heart

HELL ! Winter’s cold icy heart. Autobiography like this one, is just full of random thoughts and inconstancies so please do not take what is expressed to seriously. All is speculation and musing. However, what every you make of this Blog, the events and story of my life is generally true, unless this Blog is plainly for almost any reasonable person being silly, or ironic in a sarcastic way. That was explained in a past Blog. Some things are so obvious from my life experience that a contradiction and argument from some other person can only be answered with ironic sarcasm…. ..! Naturally, the sarcasm is met with anger or hostile agreement because of the double meaning. Sorry, for that. That is my persona ! Ha ! Ha ! Archetypes and “tropes*” are apparent to any discerning person who reads this Blog. Take my grandmother, on my mother’s side, -she was short, stout and jolly. My grandmother, as I remember her was never sad or gloomy in spite of having 6 children in the Great Economic Depression of the 1930’s. When she did house-work, and when she took my sister and myself to the park, she sang songs from the English Music Halls. Though, she was born in the United States, her sisters, my great-aunts were born in England. “Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream,” was one of the songs that she sang often. “Old Souls” and young souls, those “souls” that some people consider immature come into life to have new experiences, to have “funny” and these young people and slow to learn old people get into serious mischief because they do not understand the deep connection between their actions and desires…Hopes, dreams and our fantasies are deeply connected with our desires: that is obviously a redundant thought. Population and technological change, the “Digital Revolution, and “Genetic Revolution” are putting stress on society, but that does NOT mean that people are useless, unimportant or “redundant“…  -Rumor and gossip on the internet claims that many people in the “Establishment” or who think of themselves as a “World Elite” are practicing sinister witchcraft and sorcery .There is no way to know the truth of that. Solipsism in a very naïve way, magick, witchcraft and sorcery all can lead to self-destruction, pain and terrible suffering if a person does not know what they are doing. Scoff if you will, but there are new and contemporary scholars who believe that the universe and this world to some extent is a “dream,” a hologram all based on our subjective interpretation and thoughts as in the philosophical idea of “Solipsism.” Please see, “A Structural-Phenomenological Typology of Mind-Matter Correlations”…  Environment and our surroundings, if you will, the “ambiance” that we chose in thought and action begins a chemical response, a cascade of body chemicals in our minds.  “-The brain releases four main ‘feelgood’ chemicals – endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine – and in the presence of danger, the ‘bad feeling’ chemical – cortisol …” all in response to our chosen environment. See link…Pauli-Jung conjecture Depression, and the body’s chemical response can lead to our thoughts seeing the world as a negative, as in “HELL ! Winter’s cold Heart.”  Pauli-Jung conjecture: See Video… !


  1. 1.
    a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression.
    “he used the two-Americas trope to explain how a nation free and democratic at home could act wantonly abroad”

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