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March 14, 2015 / adgerellis


Horror-of-It-All ! Old duel chrome movies, where is the ironic fun in new movies ? See film trailer… The point being, not only the horror of a brain in a jar, but disembodied consciousness in a jar. You, reader of this Blog, how do you know that the “world” that you see, and the “WORLD” that you feel is not an electro-stimulant of your brain and that your brain is not also in a jar. Ha ! Ha !  You can not know. Point two, if morals or ethics mean anything to you, and you do NOT hurt any living thing, especially you do not hurt any living creature that is known to you to be conscious and aware of pain and suffering. Fear not for you are safe in your jar.  Happiness comes from the chemicals that are around us, Meet Your Happy Chemicals: Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin, Serotonin.” See video…  YES ! Body chemicals can be augmented, but no way is this Blog recommending that, (unless the user wants “EGO dissolution) because “death” or damage to the body is possible. NO ! Environment that is good and healthy, music that is “fun” and exciting, and an optimistic disposition, that if necessary, to force-your-self to look on happy times in the past and find “beauty-in-the-world” by getting out of a depressing relationship or a bad environment. As the old book puts it, “Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you…” FLEE ! Yes, this Blogger many times has had to move to get away from a bad environment, no matter how difficult that is. Just for your health and sanity, sometimes, we must move from a bad situation. If we are emotionally depressed, that generally means our environment or relationship is wrong. Life can be difficult because we all out-grow our environment and relationships if, we truly experience life. “Time travelers,” we all are as we go through life “Into-Our-Future.” Bloggers like me, have experienced enough of life to see our favorite places, buildings, such as schools, restaurants, “Fun Parks” and Amusement Parks rot, become derelict, decay and are torn-down. That’s life ! Find your happiness, search, but hurt nobody in that search or the pain and suffering that you might cause will come back to you as if we were all in a big giant hologram (or our brain is in a jar). Looking at old pictures, looking at old movies, many of the people are gone from our awareness. Many of the buildings and places are gone from our environment. “Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism”… See link  So, is our brain in a jar ? Extrapolate, and speculate, our reality cannot be without a conscious observer…See Look and see. Year 1964 maybe, ( a little jump in logic, ) our whole world and all our life experiences still exist in some “other” place outside our brain.  Just maybe, if the following video is even a little bit true we can go back and change all the mistakes and “bad” choices in our life, especially if our brain is in a jar. Ha ! Ha ! That is really a big joke on all of us. See…”KVOS Webster Reports: The Extraordinary Equation of George Van Tassel”…link

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