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April 25, 2015 / adgerellis


  -POLICE BRUTALITY,  < MAGICAL THINKING AND WITCHCRAFT: Sometimes a group of people and even governments all over the world become “Bad Asses.” NOT just because they are S.O.B.’s, but because there are “crazy” people working for them who just can not think clearly. Smart they might be, and even “good workers” in their own way, that is they do their job, but they are “twisted” and see problems as a treat, that are NOT a serious problem. Why, they do this is probably a personal problem, and special to each person separately. For example, this Blogger has had this Blog “Hacked” into so many times that it is a waste of time counting. Many times, you can read for your self the mess that the “Hacker” has left, there is no point in coming back and correcting the corrupted Blog, because if it was “HACKED” ONCE IT CAN PROBABLY BE “HACKED” AGAIN, AND WE JUST GO AROUND AND AROUND ON A FOOLS ERRANT. =Once it can be “HACKED” again, and we just go around and around on a “FOOLS ERRANT.” NOT-OFF TOPIC, as what this Blogger is trying to point out is that many people who should be obeying rules and regulation, such as NOT ‘hacking’ website.They do NOT obey the law because they are NOT thinking clearly. Again, this does NOT mean that they do not know they are doing wrong, but they at that particular time do not care about the consequences of their actions. As this Blogger believes they could be under duress and under some sort of mental confusion. NO ! NO ! That does NOT excuse an irrational and “wrongful” action, but that might STOP an irrational and wrongful action in the future if the cause is understood. MOCK THIS BLOG IF YOU WILL, but the United States made a really big mistake in letting in NAZI Security Agents into this country after World War Two. Please, if you think of your self as in a minority group, and wonder why there are still so many prejudice and bigoted people around, after all the big demonstrations, anti-discrimination laws, minority integration into the “Arts, Sciences, and Professions,” look no further, and understand how bad an idea was for “Operation Paperclip.” YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIS-STORY, unless  -you go to this link…..see This “Operation Paperclip” was bad, but there is something even more “EVIL !” First, let me apologize. >< Nazism, is like “FASCISM” a belief system, and NOT in any way connected to nations or groups of people as anybody can adopt the Nazi and Fascist belief system. Ha ! Ha ! Sick joke, because that is the charge against the United State by many people, that the United States has become a Fascist nation. Secondly, you might think after all the extremism and fanaticism by religion throughout history, that there are many rouge and heretics that have an irregular belief system, with no conventional beliefs, but just violence and hate. Now, to the point of this Blog, though this Blogger personally believes that most violence and hate are caused by psychological mental problems, and HATE and VIOLENCE can be cured by psychoanalyst, supplemented with effective drug treatment. There is a very serious occult aspect to HATE, VIOLENCE, PREJUDICE and BIGOTRY. NAZI’s were deep into the occult secret esoteric beliefs. >Monism is the philosophical view that a variety of existing things can be explained in terms of a single reality or substance.[1] The wide definition states that all existing things go back to a source which is distinct from them (e.g. in Neoplatonism everything is derived from The One).[2] A commonly-used, restricted definition of monism asserts the presence of a unifying substance or essence.[2]

One must distinguish “stuff monism” from “thing monism”.[3] According to stuff monism there is only one kind of stuff (e.g. matter or mind), although there may be many things made out of this stuff. According to thing-monism there exists strictly speaking only a single thing (e.g. the universe), which can only be artificially and arbitrarily divided into many things.
< United States protected the people of this whole Planet Earth by NOT stressing the secret occult reasons for many of the NAZI’s actions, presumably to prevent a revival of “superstition” and “Magickal Thinking.” That would be bad for the economy. >< Nevertheless, some NAZI’s are reported to have acted with the idea of “REINCARNATION” and “KARMA,” just as “EVIL WITCHES” operate. Bad wiccans, sinister wiccans have the following belief that can be checked in almost any “Malefactor Grimoires,” and this belief system is what this Blogger suspects has infected law-enforcement, and this “wickedness’ came from the NAZI by way of Security Agents in “Operation Paperclip. See this quote from a past posting. “Ellison Ballard:  Shared publicly  –  Apr 18, 2015  #Witchcraft, #Wicca Witchcraft and sorcery has been known, according to their belief, if the witch or sorcerer can not get a person to “love” them, they make the object of their interest HATE them. HATE is even a better spell, to bind and bond a person emotions. According to this sinister belief, the person of interest is tied and bound by “Karma” and Reincarnation to the sorcerer or witch to be dealt with in the supposed next lifetime. That could be why the prophet said, “Love your Enemies” to make sure that the “Sinister Spell” does NOT work, because love will release the victim from the “Negative  Magickal Working.” CENSORED ADDENDUM: See link

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