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May 12, 2015 / adgerellis

LOOKy ! Looky ! Here comes Big Meanie…

Ferguson. Baltimore, Los Angeles…. GET-IT !  AUGMENTED REALITY FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE, internet to DVD. Seriously ! TOGETHER, document your his-story. Don’t let people forget, in pictures, video, and sound. Don’t forget the sound;  =AUDIO SPEAK ! ! ! SPEAK YOUR MIND IN AUDIO for Planet Earth to hear and and maybe far beyond ! Even use computer TRANSLATOR INTO OTHER LANGUAGES. “Preach the Gospel to all the World,” for example…Evangelize for TRUTH, TO KNOW THE TRUTH IS A HUMAN RIGHT ! GET-THE-POINT ! See link…U.S. requires new cars to have backup cameras: See link…  SEE LINK: Rear-View Camera Is No Longer Just An Option For Cars—It’s The Law…  Police Department decided to have some fun while testing out his squad car’s dashcam recorder… See link:  SEE LINK: Dash Cams – What To Buy… SEE LINK: Google Glass: How to use voice actions… NOW FOR A SURPRISE ! “One million users signed into Twitter’s new live streaming app Periscope” see link… NOT OFF-TOPIC, because many people believe many foolish things, and what is truly sad and could be frightening act upon their beliefs. Bloggers such as this one have begged and pleaded to have more “Social Workers” take on “CRIMINAL CASES,” even as some European countries have Social Workers embedded with the POLICE, and even have priority, and jurisdiction over POLICE. First, cost of Social Workers embedded with POLICE are much better than the expense of having a “WRONGFUL ARREST” cases taken to court and exposed to public examination on television and in the “Yellow Journalist Tabloid Press.” Secondly, the POLICE alone are just NOT qualified to deal with “Domestic Disputes,” Physically ill people who have tremors, palsy, and senility, to even mention the “CRIMINAL INSANE.” INSANE PEOPLE who have committed a crime gross and horrible that just a cursory understanding would let nearly any ordinary person believe that the crime was done by someone who is deeply troubled. Reference terrorist actions, school shootings, and serial killer all needed psychiatric help long before they committed any sort of crime, so that they needed a Social Worker who is fully qualified to handle these emotional situations. This Blogger believes that HATE CRIMES, religious crimes and political crimes all should be handled by a skillful professional, NOT just law enforcement as the crime is a community social crime, NOT just a random act of violence. For example, this Blogger is horrified by some alleged occult practices, there is not only a belief amongst some people, this can be checked by a search of the internet, that not only certain groups were chosen by the NAZIS for occult rituals, but also specific people were chosen to be made a Sacrificial Scapegoat” See video… …NOW, what follows is counterintuitive and against “common sense,” and against all conventional logic but, according to some interpretations of “QUANTUM PHYICS” just by the act of “observation” a person can change the results of an event. That is where the car “DASHCAMERA” and “GOOGLE GLASS” comes in, both the car insurance companies, and a defense lawyer would be very interested in a court of law to see the videos of a “decisive event.” There is no way for this Blogger to know the truth of anything posted on the internet, but “OPERATION PAPERCLIP” is well known and provable…See link

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