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May 23, 2015 / adgerellis


AFRICAN MENSA FOR KIDS: BOOK REVIEWS AND MOVIE REVIEWS,  “THEY LIVE” – Trailer ( 1988 ) See link…   Population pressure and new technologies are making some peoples’ life difficult. Secret Technology, esoteric science, quantum subatomic “Planck
Length Science” is the way to save the economic system. NOT WAR or Economic Collapse…Silly and ridiculously funny was the film, “BACK TO THE FUTURE” but, Colonel Corso’s Legacy – Phillip Corso Jr., the colonel’s son claims that TIME TRAVEL is possible. Experiencers now, numbering in the hundreds of people all claim that many of Planet Earth’s governments know and have done TIME TRAVEL… See video below…   “Time travel is a common theme in fiction and has been depicted in a variety of media from prose fiction to television and advertisements.[1][page needed] It can be the central theme of the plot, or merely a plot device to set the story in motion. In some science fiction stories, time travel is included in the plot or at least normal time speed is slowed down. Whereas the theme of time travel may be restricted in hard science fiction which would examine the causes and effects of time travel paradoxes; the theme may be allowed in soft science fiction, fantasy and science fantasy which may ignore these aspects and focus on fantastic wonders and adventures.[2]…” Speculative fiction concept to narrative, a good story, a scenario with a good plot and once that is done you can re-arrange reality to create TIME TRAVEL. From Wikipedia See link UFO Time Travel Roswell Crash… Legends like the supposed Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash is extra ordinarily important because one of the main reason that the US Military wanted to keep the crash a secret. That is, so that the US Army-Air Force could back-engineer the “alien technology” and use the discovery for WEAPONS Of WAR ! RUMOR and speculation is, that there were a few other “Alien UFO” crashes before the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico crash.  Here is a strange and witty part of this gossip, remember this is a modern “Urban Legend,” that claims Franklin  Delano Roosevelt had these “Jungian Arch-typical Aryan Aliens” suddenly appeared in the White House’s Oval Office and try to broker a deal to NOT GO TO WAR AGAINST THE GERMANS, in exchange for “free energy” and “magical medical technology” that could cure-all sickness. The supposed “Aryan Aliens,” according to this “Urban Legend” were offering a “Universal Panacea.” No need to speculated for any hidden agenda from the “Aryan Aliens” as  they were the same Aldebaran Star System beings who were helping the NAZIs. ..  What a perverted and ironic joke that is. And, the sinister joke goes on that FDR refused the possible Aldebarean help because of economic destabilization, political opposition, and this word that follows, “TOYS,” for the military’s “Manhattan Atomic Bomb Project” is pure sarcastic interjection on my part. (Sarcasm on my part, because, sorry to be obscure, but the censors are watching, my “ROOT CHAKRA” get all “febrile” when I think of intimacy with the Aldebarans. Sorry, my apology for being obscure. Blogs like this one are censor for content.)  NO ! ? You can “scroll” back through all my post and see all the foolish corruption of the post with “Hyper-Text” and gibberish that comes on the web page even after a through check of spelling and grammar. Another “stupid trick” that the censors use is that the screen or curser starts to “jump” all over the text uncontrollably. This Blogger has had whole pages of text just disappear from my post. No idea who, or what, possible some sort of automatic-word-search-spider.” There are so many subject that are censored on the internet, and I post that from personal experience, -that it is like burning down whole libraries.

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