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June 5, 2015 / adgerellis

# Memorial Day & Corporatism ‘我 …

RESEARCH is excellent but please, scripted,  -a scenario, a plot is being used by Billionaires and worldwide security agencies for their own purposes, reduce population and keep “long-life” technologies for rich people. Agreed, that international corporations will sell the whole world for their “LOVE of MONEY and POWER.”  -Part of a series on: Fascism · Fasces. Core tenets. Nationalism · Totalitarianism · Single party state · Dictatorship see linkCorporatism – Wikipedia, the free  –If they have their way, the rest of us will die. Please, crucifixion was a common way for the Romans to kill, and (Jesus=) “Joshua -Ben -Joseph” were all “common names” and nothing special in ancient Israel. Your Biblical understanding is relatively “modern.” See link… Blog posted two times in the past, that no matter how good intentioned many “FUNDAMENTALIST, “ their belief system is horrifying because, they generally want to give their allegiance to a foreign KING, ipso facto “JESUS.” And again, they are generally “FATALIST” and they believe that the end is inevitable. “GOD WILL CONQURE  ALL,” there is nothing that we poor humans can do to stop the inevitable APOCALYPSE. NO ! No ! No ! That inevitable “APOCALYPSE” is an interpretation out of many different interpretations. And, as for “KING JESUS” you can bet that there will be another “Heavenly Rebellion” ( “…Book of Revelation describes a “war in heaven” between angels led by the archangel Michael versus those led by “the dragon”, identified with “the devil and Satan“, who are defeated and thrown down to the earth.[1][2] Revelation’s “war in heaven” has been compared to the idea of fallen angels, and possible parallels have been proposed in the Hebrew Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls…” See link…War in Heaven…) if you try to pull that trick ! My personal belief is that our society and culture are changing, and that is very difficult for many people. Stress, and just trying to understand all the new and strange things that are happening makes people anxious. Just, chill-out. Calm down and take a few deep breaths of our polluted air. (Better yet, go some place where it is air-conditioned.) Military people who support the spirit of the United States Constitution and the Bill-Of-Rights have my unwavering support. However, lets NOT try to do some kind of extraordinary interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and go rogue, or renegade. There are still legal ways to “address grievances,” so don’t be a “spoiled sport” and get “all pissed-off” just because somebody does NOT agree with your interpretation of the way things should be. (Following this thought, out-of-despair for “common sense,” the next sentence is sarcasm. =)  IT’S TOO LATE TO SAVE PLANET EARTH,” so just go on and “ACT-THE-FOOL” at the suffering of all humanity. Meaning the opposite, but put negatively to express the pessimism of some people.  “Establishment” must stop their duplicity RIGHT NOW !
CHECK THIS OUT, SEE link “OperationNorthwoods:”
CHECK THIS OUT, SEE link “Operation Mockingbird:”
CHECK THIS OUT, SEE link “Tuskegee syphilis experiment:”
CHECK THIS OUT, SEE link “Operation Plowshare:”
CHECK THIS OUT, SEE link “United States biological defense program:” WANT MORE INFORNATION ??? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH …! SECOND WARNING: “common law tribunal” is possible to bringing International Criminals to Justice. CENSORSHIP NOTE: Two times the following idea has been censored, edited and cut from past BLOGs. Witches and sorcerers on purpose and deliberately create hateful events and situation because the emotion of “HATE” is generally much stronger than “love and forgiveness,” so by emotions the evil doer binds and ties the victims to their “Spell” and “Hex” as strong or stronger as the witch or sorcerer’s evil intentions. DO NOT believe that, but many people do believe. “…as you do, it will be done to you.”
“PLAY-SCRIPTED” from the BOOK-of-REVELATIONS to test the public’s reaction to “anomalous phenomena.” Ivy League universities, OVER-EDUCATED RICH KIDS, “playing games” with a  “NAIF,” naïve public who know a little Bible, as in “Seven Trumpets” and are gullible beyond belief.  Amen ! …Amon and Amen-Ra, Egyptian God. Mercy, make a video, make photocopies, put up an internet Blog, and join a legal organization to try and convince people of your belief. Even this, if you want to make the international “Elite” and their “Establishment” take notice, translate your Videos, photocopies and internet Blog into other languages and send them out into the wide-wide-world. For some reason, the “Establishment” takes more notice of something in RUSSIAN, Chinese, Hindi or “Swahili language, also known as Kiswahili, is a Bantu language and the first language of the Swahili people. It is a lingua franca of the African Great Lakes region and other parts of Southeast Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo…” See link…


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