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July 3, 2015 / adgerellis

Christianity and Independence Day

Christianity and Independence Day ! Hooray for the 4th of July ! ! ! Please, both Christianity and the Confederate States of America, notice both supported salvery and the ownership of people. Please, for your own sanity do not try and cover-up his-story and pretend that slavery was some sort of a ROMANTIC INTERLUDE in his-story. “Christian views on slavery are varied both regionally and historically. Slavery in various forms has been a part of the social environment for much of Christianity’s history, spanning well over eighteen centuries. In the early years of Christianity, slavery was a normal feature of the economy and society in the Roman Empire, and this persisted in different forms and with regional differences well into the Middle Ages.[1] Most Christian figures in that early period such as Saint Augustine, accepted slavery as an inevitability whereas some, such as Saint Patrick (a former slave), were opposed to it. Historically this has presented a challenge for Christians advocating against slavery. Generally speaking, up until the 18th century Christianity accepted slavery, but had no public opinion for or against it. Eighteen centuries after the birth of Christianity (in the context of a particularly savage and rapacious slave system), the abolition movement took shape across the globe, groups who advocated slavery’s abolition struggled to use Christian teachings in support of their positions. Instead they turned from the specific references to the practice in the tradition to a more general appeal to concepts such as ‘the spirit of Christ’, and textual argumentation.[2]…” From Wikipedia. See link  Historians, if they are honest, must read history as they find it with NO redactions, edits or sanitizing. Anything less than that is pure propaganda and polemic.  “Polemic theology is the branch of theological argumentation devoted to the history or conduct of controversy over religious matters.[7] It is distinguished from apologetics, the intellectual defense of faith…” See link   4th of JULY ! HAPPY “INDEPENDENCE DAY !” : SEE video below…  Slavery is defended in the Bible, and the “Moral Superiority” can only be understood by what people know now, NOT BY CLAIMING THAT PEOPLE IN THE PAST SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. “The Religious Defense of American Slavery Before 1830,” …See link  –WE CAN NOT KNOW WHAT OUR CULTURE AND SOCIETY WILL NOT ALLOW US TO KNOW. For example, many Vegetarians are horrified at the killing of animals for food, and the obvious pain caused to the animals just so carnivores can eat meat. Another example, children and women were commonly beaten for disobeying any adult male, less than fifty years ago. You can still see old motion picture where a male will hit a child or woman at the least provocation. NO, people seldom act morally superior to the culture and society that they were born into, so do not expect moral superiority from the past when our own society is still filled with hypocrisy.  Another example, and this Blogger hopes that the following example will be enough to expose social duplicity. Common saying in the 1950’s, “Better for him, if my son is a murder, than a queer.” Enough said, about retrospect moral superiority. Oh yes, how can I forget the fear and insane rage that some types of sexual conduct will cause some people, when they dismiss causes, and do not even know the proper medical and anatomical words to describe what makes them so troubled. For example, when I was in the US Army one of the other soldiers said to me that baby opossums were born out of their mother opossums’ mouth. Nothing that I said could convince him otherwise. Swearing: “Your mother is an old cow (!)” was a common insult at one time. CLUED-IN, as a serious Digital  Gaming Joke: “Please, there are such things as a ‘JOKE’ with serious intentions. If you can ‘get’ the punch-line.”  SEX on “INDEPENDENCE DAY” ! ! !   SEE video below… Elite Establishment type people do NOT want a “truly” educated public, that is probably, aside from the idea that many of the “Uber-Rich” are “Spoiled -Brats” and really are absolutely crazy.  RESTORATIVE JUSTICE means taking control of your own personal story. Abstract thinking, is just as real as material reality. All the abstract nouns are real things, but can not be measured with a ruler, weighted on a scale, or put in a test-tube. Abstract nouns, are easy for you to use to explain your life, in a story-plot, and a narrative, just like a scenario you can make all the sadness and tragedy can be used for you to explain a valuable life lesion. Explain your personality, your dreams and GOOD HOPES for life, joy and happiness. Old-TIME humanity has built monuments, and buildings, also organizations, institutions as dedicated reminders and memorials for all the GOOD HOPES and dreams, for all the sadness and tragedy that never should have happened. DO NOT FORGET, but as hard as it is we must forgive by doing something good put it in a story. Put the sadness and tragedy in a book, photographs and images, motion picture, video and song-set-to-music, a chance now to keep their dreams and hopes alive. Remember them for the whole world, every man, woman and child through your story to get to know the people who lost their life far to early. “RESTORE JUSTICE” that was lost by murder and killing. Many of the extremely wealthy BILLIONAIRES have NO idea how most of humanity must struggle to just stay alive. Secret-to-Be-Told is, that reality can generally be “CONTROLLED.” Even death, murder and “violence” can be stopped from coming into most people’s lives.  The very rich look on humanity as a circus side-show, even many of the “OVER-EDUCATED BY THEIR OWN SELF-IMPORTANT CONCEIT look on most poor people as fools and “weaklings,” with the intellect of “PET ANIMALS.” They have publicly said so, in print and in the media. First, CONTROL THE EMOTIONS, as hard as that is in many cases. Secondly, relax, be calm and go deep into a sleepy restful mind. Thirdly, practice visualization of the good things that you want to happen and keep those good ideas in you mind always concentrating on happy joyful thoughts.  See link


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