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July 21, 2015 / adgerellis

CRAZY: Schizoid at Ong’s Hat

CRAZY: Schizoid at Ong’s Hat. Arguments about the nature of reality must be thought-out clearly. Report, dissertation, exposition, just as in the cautionary tail of the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” There are many literary warnings about arrogance. “Russian Official Proposes International Investigation Into U.S. Moon Landings”…SEE link:  This is in part the taboo against  blaspheming and masturbation. “NASA moon landing conspiracy returns: Russian official calls for global investigation” SEE link:  Sorry, the last ideas are suppose to be ancient secrets, that is my understanding of their forbidden use. Both, auto-eroticism and blaspheming, calling the gods or the “negative” forces by name in “vain,” as in a profane casual use can cause serious “paranormal” trouble. NOT because “blaspheming” and auto-eroticism are intrinsically “dirty,” or somehow subjectively, esthetically objectionable, what ever that might mean . They both are thought by people who believe to be “magical acts,” and taken very seriously. That is the origin of the taboo. “TIME BINDING” is a “MAGICAL ACT PERFORMED.” ( =  “There’s a long, long trail a-winding Into the land of my dreams, Where the nightingales are singing  And a white moon beams.  There’s a long, long night of waiting   Until my dreams all come true;..” SEE link: >

Russia suggests America has NEVER landed on the moon and calls for ‘an investigation into what really happened’

  • Vladimir Markin has demanded an investigation into the moon landings  Read more:
    Time binding can refer to
  • human progress as seen from the perspective of general semantics, an educational discipline created by Alfred Korzybski in the 1930s
  • time bind, a sociological concept relevant to family and labor, introduced by Arlie Russell Hochschild in the 1990s  ) SEE link:  “It may have started as an in-joke, or the first alternate reality game (ARG), a work of transmedia storytelling or as a memetic experiment, to see how far the meme could spread or a combination of all of the above.[1] The story eventually used print, radio, television and digital mediums (CD-ROM, DVD, Internet, BBS) in its dissemination…” ( SEE link: ) …Fiction, and allegory, story-telling and to me word-play, double entendre, ambiguity and paradox are fun and to a limited extent better than empirical proof to use for an example. “Tall Tales” with obvious exaggeration, and superlatives, hyperbole, and flowered metaphor if balanced and not to silly, that is the clue. To know when to stop being foolish in the “right balance” of “embellishment” and “Truth-Telling.” As for the excess of citations, this Blogger Knows nothing by his self. NO- WAY is there any thought of evicting god of HER/HIS Greatly Exalted Androgynous Kingdom, with TIME TRAVEL or STARGATES. As the saying goes…”For when the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage. In this respect they will be like the angels in heaven.Adult ARG, and role-playing is important to keep the “REALITY CIRCUS,” and The Matrix going. Better than, lurking, stalking, prowling with nothing to do, except getting into mischief. “Idle hands the devil’s play-ground.” And “Knuckle-draggers” looking to fill their empty lives by causing crime and vandalism might create something new, as a “MAGICAL ACT.”… > And if, as attempted here a new creation is made, a “reality shift” to make “TIME TRAVEL” come true, then this post has accomplished its purpose.

The sub-atomic particles, the aether ( = astral matter ? ) may create “reality.” “Aether theories in physics propose the existence of a medium, the aether (also spelled ether, from the Greek word (αἰθήρ), meaning “upper air” or “pure, fresh air”[1]), a space-filling substance or field, thought to be necessary as a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces. The assorted aether theories embody the various conceptions of this “medium” and “substance”. This early modern aether has little in common with the aether of classical elements from which the name was borrowed. Since the development of special relativity, theories using a substantial aether are not used anymore in modern physics, and are replaced by more abstract models.[2]…” From Wikipedia, see link: )  If you will, the quantum foam will adjust to make the idea a “reality” as best as time and the casual limits will allow. “In quantum field theory, the Casimir effect and the Casimir–Polder force are physical forces arising from a quantized field. They are named after the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir….” SEE link  Population pressure, and such new Science Fiction type weapon systems have made the old dualistic polarity obsolete. “Male Violence,” to my understanding in many cases is caused  by psychic pain and repressed hurts real or imagined. And, as ridiculous as some vengeful and aggressive people might imagine, low-grade physical pain, irritation as in an infection, blister or sores can cause people to be violent and NOT think out the consequences of their actions.This is because, humanity, even some really smart kid can force innocent and ignorant people to commit crimes against their better moral judgment. There are now, psychological manipulation, extortion, chemicals ( = date rape drugs etc.), ( electronic smog =) scalar waves, ( RF =) microwaves, and psychotronic devices that do affect governments, schools, and the communication media. How to get out of the old “Paradigm” and into a new “UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS” should be relatively easy, compared to having a WORLD WAR and ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. CONCOCTED LIES ! Online Free Dictionary: “Define concocted: tr.v. con·coct·ed , con·coct·ing , con·cocts 1. … [kənˈkɒkt] VT [+ food, drink] → confeccionar; [+ lie, story] → inventar; [+ plot] → tramar, fraguar”. Ha ! Ha ! Just another internet hoax. SEE VIDEO…><

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