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August 28, 2015 / adgerellis


PISSED -OFF ! “FDR once said “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” He was in a good position to know. We believe that many of the major world events that are shaping our destinies occur because somebody or, somebodies have planned them that way.” That quote seems to be first made in the “Smash-BIG-Time” 1971 conspiracy book called  “None Dare Call it” oops, “TREASON  !” Sorry, my fingers slipped on the keyboard. I mean the book“NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY,” by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham. The quote attributed to FDR is probably apocryphal. Nevertheless, just like the popular saying, “No such thing as coincidence,” there is a certain consensus that is behind some big historical events. There are people or “Other Things” that are unknown, or unseen that have manipulated circumstances. SLANDER, the “New Age” movement. Just, as the “Hippy Flower Children” are suppose to have been manipulated, but then very few people are original thinkers. -> ARABESQUE ART: SEE link… SLANDER, the “New Age” movement.  “Hippy Flower Children” are suppose to have been manipulated, -that has been censored apparently right out of the Search Engines. YES ! That is madness. What is fiction today, a pure blatant lie, suddenly becomes real ! Coincidence, synchronicity and the ancient metaphor of “Indra’s net” hold all of reality together. That is probably why people fight so hard to defend their belief systems, and why there is censorship to keep the “REALITY MATRIX” coherent. Otherwise, we would all go crazy. Security in this United States has gone to far, that is obvious by the many reports of police brutality and absolutely insane mass shootings. Blogs like this one, have pleaded for more mental heath “Talk Therapy”, and what some people think is “Old Fashion” psychoanalysis. I myself, believe that I have what is considered irregular “MASKED DEPRESSION.”  = (equals)

“MD has been variously described as “depression sine (without) depression” (K. Schneider, 1925), “latent” depression (Lange J., 1928), “vegetative depression” (R. Lemke, 1949[5]) “hidden” or “masked” depression (Lopez Ibor J.J. (es), 1972;[6] Kielholz J.J., 1983; Pichot P.; Hasson J., 1973), “larvate” or “somatisation depression” (Gayral L., 1972), “depressive equivalents” etc.[7] Most investigators, especially those in the German-speaking countries, assumed masked depression (German: die larvierte Depression[8]) to be endogenous depression.[9] The term was largely used in the 1970s and 1980s, but at the end of the 20th century there was a decline in interest in the study of masked depression. Today this diagnosis does not play a significant clinical or scientific role.[10]


MD is supposed to be a common clinical phenomenon.[11] According to some authors, masked depression is as frequent as overt depression.[12] Although masked depression can be found at any age, it has been observed more commonly after mid-life.[12]…” SEE link:   -Always, since High School I’ve liked the “Night Life.”  Now, with extraordinary security and skittish hyper-vigilance even at 73 years old I’m worried about cruising in my car around the streets at night.  -POLICE, SECURITY, there are many people on the streets at night who have “MASKED DEPRESSION.” These people are NOT dangerous, but they are in pain and hurting, both physically and emotionally. Shopping at night is fun, and freedom to travel is a “UNIVERSAL RIGHT” in any country that even pretends to be free, without opposition of any kind.

That might bring about a  SEPTEMBER TERROR: by fear, worry and anxiety. All a needless hysteria as in a “symmetry of fire,” like  -Schizophrenia.  Some people fight for their very sanity….SEE link: If the accusation is that the “Hippy Flower Children” and now supposedly the “New Agers” are being manipulated is it NOT possible that the “APOCALYPTIC END OF THE WORLD” story is also a social manipulation ? “Chi, Energy: I worked with a Security Guard who was a Chi, Energy instructor, but something when very wrong. Water is suppose to have “Chi, Energy’ in it. Maybe, it was the water. Censorship is so bad on the internet that I have made the decision to tell the true, but to be “cryptic,” and use popular slang, metaphors, and double meanings to get at “reality.” NO ! The “Establishment” does not now burn people to death, (at least NOT in the open), they just censor the truth. I’m so tried of all the lies and hypocrisy that to be obscure seems to be the only way to tell the truth…SEE link: Sorry, this Blogger does apologize, but part of the “SENSATIONALISM” now is the astronomical event called the “BLOOD MOON.” If anything happens on or near the “BLOOD MOON” it will probably be on purpose, caused by humans, or immoral beings who try to pass as HUMANS ! SEE this explanation, “ה’סנדיי ביטל “השמיטה!” הקסם אין אלוהות כועסת, רק עכשיו יש לנו את כל = אהבה, פיז ואור מאלוהות. נשק לא כימיקלים אשליה בלבד אטומיים, אבל קלשון, “DMT והנשמה של התגלות בתורה (/ tɔːrəˌtoʊrə /; עברית: תּוֹרָה,” טקסט דתי הרפואי הדוקטור העשיר Stassmans נקרא הוראה, הוראה “), או החומש (/ pɛntəˌtuːk, ˌtjuːk /), היא ההתייחסות של קישור היהדות tradition.  SEE הדתי המרכזית…יפטאמין (באנגלית: Dimethyltryptamine – DMT) הוא טריפטמין שנוצר באופן טבעי, וסם פסיכדלי החזק ה DMT נוצר בצמחים רבים, ואף נוצר בכמויות קטנות בגוף אדם בזמן.”

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