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September 4, 2015 / adgerellis


MISCELLANITY AND OTHER NONSENSE: HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! ( NOTICE OF FAIR USE: No intention is made to violate copyright law. The follow link is made for NO profit. Only education, and information is intended with the understand of “Reviewers Privilege” to quote for “critical deconstruction” in works of art…) -> Deconstruction (literature) – definition of Deconstruction …  –A philosophical movement and theory of literary criticism that questions traditional assumptions about certainty, identity, and truth; asserts that words can only refer to other words; and attempts to demonstrate how statements about any text subvert their own meanings. de′con·struc′tive adj. de′con·struc′tion·ism n. –SEE link… A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! (yes, you) ) -Birth Certificates are needed to prove “Property Rights,” unless you believe the conspiracy theory that the “FEDERAL RESERVE BANK” has monetized all “Birth Certificates” as collateral against “the Unites States Corporation’s” debt ! Ha ! Ha ! That is so funny an idea, that Births Certificates, and even the “Social Security Accounts” could be used as collateral against the United States Corporation’s debt. That “BLOOD MOON” September’s madness can not even match that joke. You got $630,000, =NOT ! ! ! Ha ! Ha ! -NOT ! Are you seeing  clouds in the sky in the shape of “CASTLES ?” Oh, to live in a “SKY-CASTLE.” Make-believe, is so much fun with a wicked imagination. Now, you are just seeing stuff…”The Sky City is the home of the Hawk Men, led by King Vultan. The city is kept aloft by gravity-defying rays, which are produced by shoveling radium into …” SEE link ( = I’m messing with your credulity. As Long John Nebel use to say, “That is ‘Whack-a-Ding-Hoy’ !” Ha ! Ha !) MONEY IN DOLLAR BILLS. MONEY ! MONEY ! MONEY, IN FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES FLYING OFF THE PRINTING PRESSES LIKE SNOW IN A WINTER’S ALASKAN BLIZZARD. NO PROBLEM ! We will build “Sky-Cities” made out of clouds…SEE link    To finance the costs of World War I the U.S. Government increased income taxes (see the War Revenue Act of 1917) and government debt, called war bonds. Traditionally, the government borrowed from other countries, but there were no other countries from which to borrow in 1917.[2] ->   The Treasury raised funding throughout the war by selling $21.5 billion in ‘Liberty bonds.’ These bonds were sold at subscription where officials created coupon price and then sold it at par value. At this price, subscriptions could be filled in as little as one day, but usually remained open for several weeks, depending on demand for the bond.[2]  After the war, the Liberty bonds were reaching maturity, but the Treasury was unable to pay each down fully with only limited budget surpluses. The resolution to this problem was to refinance the debt with variable short and medium-term maturities. Again the Treasury issued debt through fixed-price subscription, where both the coupon and the price of the debt were dictated by the Treasury.[2]

The problems with debt issuance became apparent in the late-1920s. The system suffered from chronic over-subscription, where interest rates were so attractive that there were more purchasers of debt than supplied by the government. This indicated that the government was paying too much for debt. As government debt was undervalued, debt purchasers could buy from the government and immediately sell to another market participant at a higher price.[2]

In 1929, the US Treasury shifted from the fixed-price subscription system to a system of auctioning where ‘Treasury Bills’ would be sold to the highest bidder. Securities were then issued on a pro rata system where securities would be allocated to the highest bidder until their demand was full. If more treasuries were supplied by the government, they would then be allocated to the next highest bidder. This system allowed the market, rather than the government, to set the price. On December 10, 1929, the Treasury issued its first auction. The result was the issuing of $224 million three-month bills. The highest bid was at 99.310 with the lowest bid accepted at 99.152.[2]…” SEE link SEPTEMBER’S “BLOOD MOON,” “Something ‘big’ is coming”…What a “BLAST,” for a post-birthday party. What a “sick joke” for old people, the crippled, blind and the lame. Babies and little children, hungry for food, sick and dying how much money is spent for weapons of WAR ! ? ”

“Corporatocracy /ˌkɔrpərəˈtɒkrəsi/, is a term used as an economic and political system controlled by corporations and/or corporate interests.[1] It is a generally pejorative term often used by critics of the current economic situation in a particular country, especially the United States.[2][3] This is different from corporatism, which is the organisation of society into groups with common interests. Corporatocracy as a term is often used by liberal and left-leaning critics, but also some economic libertarian critics and other political observers across the political spectrum.[2][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15] Economist Jeffrey Sachs described the United States as a corporatocracy in his book The Price of Civilization.[16] He suggested that it arose from four trends: weak national parties and strong political representation of individual districts, the large U.S. military establishment after World War II, big corporate money financing election campaigns, and globalization tilting the balance away from workers.[16] -> <-

This collective is what author C Wright Mills called the Power Elite, wealthy individuals who hold prominent positions in corporatocracies. They control the process of determining a society’s economic and political policies.[17]  The concept has been used in explanations of bank bailouts, excessive pay for CEOs, as well as complaints such as the exploitation of national treasuries, people, and natural resources.[18] It has been used by critics of globalization,[19] sometimes in conjunction with criticism of the World Bank[20] or unfair lending practices,[18] as well as criticism of “free trade agreements“.[19]…” SEE link

HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! Lets say, the Russians, the Chinese, the Nation of India, from the city of “New Delhi, all went into outer-space. ( = New Delhi (Listeni/ˌnj ˈdɛli/)[4][5] is a district in Delhi which serves as the capital of India and seat of the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the Government of India. It is also the centre of the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. New Delhi is situated within the metropolis of Delhi and is one of the eleven districts of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.”) And/or, the Japanese when, all their outer-space exploration is in full operation; to pay for expenses maybe these nation could “collateralize” and  “monetized” their massive populations. “Monetized” their massive populations into a new World-Wide corporatocracy of debt slavery and indenture their “persons” for  OFF-PLANET.” Work Contracts, ” Indentured servitude was a labor system whereby young people paid for their passage to the New World by working for an employer for a certain number of years. It was widely employed in the 18th century in the British colonies in North America and elsewhere. It was especially used as a way for poor youth in Britain and the German states to get passage to the American colonies. They would work for a fixed number of years, then be free to work on their own. The employer purchased the indenture from the sea captain who brought the youths over; he did so because he needed labor. Some worked as farmers or helpers for farm wives, some were apprenticed to craftsmen. Both sides were legally obligated to meet the terms, which were enforced by local American courts. Runaways were sought out and returned…”( A little 21st Century digression for your amusement and edification, if you can get the point of this detour. SEE link… — Robinson Crusoe on Mars.)  74 year Old’s Post-Birthday Party.  “About half of the white immigrants to the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries were indentured. During the late 17th and early 18th centuries poor children from England and France were kidnapped and sold into indentured labor in the Caribbean for a minimum of five years, but most times their contracts were bought and sold repeatedly and some laborers never attained their freedom.[1]…” SEE link “That “BLOOD MOON” September’s madness can not even match that joke. You got $630,000, in a work contract, =NOT ! ! ! Ha ! Ha !  =NOT ! Seeing  clouds in the sky in the shape of “CASTLES ?” Oh, to live OFF-PLANET ! Ha ! Ha !

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