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October 30, 2015 / adgerellis


HALLOWEEN SCARY DAY BRIGHT LIGHT: NO FRIGHT !  BLOG’s like this are silly, no-count piece of nonsense. That said, that does not mean that memoirs and autobiography do not have some little bit of useful or interesting information can not be found. ->->->          Alien disguise BRICK-A-BRACK year 1906…””Things Are Seldom What They Seem.”” Though a “wee bit” older than 1906, to be more exact the year 1878, these lyrics were so well know that they would have possibly gotten a smile at Princeton University in 1906 if quoted.

“Things are seldom what they seem,
Skim milk masquerades as cream;
Highlows pass as patent leathers;
Jackdaws strut in peacock’s feathers.

Captain. (puzzled)
Very true,
So they do.

Black sheep dwell in every fold;
All that glitters is not gold;
Storks turn out to be but logs;
Bulls are but inflated frogs.

Captain. (puzzled)
So they be,

Captain. (puzzled)
Yes, I know.
That is so.
Though to catch your drift I’m striving,
It is shady ? it is shady;
I don’t see at what you’re driving,
Mystic lady ? mystic lady…” SEE link “LOVE IT !” Mock, jeer, scoff at opera so old fashion, but oh to this Blogger’s understanding very nicely done, and so clever to poke and jive at hidden truth ironicly that for the most part, with a few exception is not heard in contemporary popular music. BLOGGERS have hinted, and metaphorically “danced” around difficult isseues on the internet for fear of censorship, but here it is made clear.  There seems to be some “outside” force that has “infected” the internet postings. -> This Blogger has NO idea what that is, speculation could be anything from some sort of “ARTIFICAL INTELIGENCE,” that acts on its on volition to censor posts, to human agents who try to anticipate the consequences of internet “chatter.” Ha ! Ha ! Sarcastically, “YOU (!), can’t handle the truth !” ->     CENSORSHIP is so much against AMERICAN ideas that there should be NO argument. Aside, from the FREEDOM OF SPEECH  issues, now many  knowledgeable people realizes that “QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT” energy is what makes “hurtful” or/and unreasonable actions “wrong.” NO need to appeal to a deity, the “good” or “bad” intention that we have will sooner, or later come back to us by way of the “entangled energy” that we put out. Experience of this proof can be a very hard lesson…Also, pity for the “criminals’ action” for some reason intensifies the criminals’ pain when retribution finely comes…-> Compliancy and apathy is heard in contemporary music, with the same “rant” and complaints of social problems, but NO cure put out, except more violence. Prove me wrong ! Go on, dare you to prove me wrong. Violence, just brings more violence. Reverend Marten Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi knew that. Now, if you are into “S&M” that  “violence” is understandable, but if that is true and “Sadism” is your thing,  -as in many religions…RELIGIONS, created around a very “traumatic” and horrible “sadistic event” a serious psychological solution should be attempted, not the same old repeated pain and suffering. PAIN and SUFFERING, that goes nowhere except to more pain and suffering. This BLOGGER over the years of posting has tried to offer real solution to social problems, but the general consensus is that the “ESTABULISHMENT’ does NOT want any cure for social hurt because the “ELITE” GENERALLY MAKE THEIR MONEY AND GET THEIR POWER FROM PRETENDED CONTROL OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS. SOCIAL PROBLEMS THAT THEY, THE “ESTABLISHEMENT’ created in the first place. Compliancy and little,  -little deep intellectual truth is generally found in popular music. Conspiracy blogs, and this little BLOG have warned over and over again that if rouge operatives and renegades in government are trying to destabilize the United States they had better have a safe place to go if “the proverbial ‘shit’-hits-the-fan.” This is because just from my own life experience, I was born in 1941 and most young men were fighting World War Two. Do females have any idea, do young boys have any idea what it is like to live in a country with mostly very old men, or nothing but women establish what is proper behavior ? I know, because when I was young, until seven years old I rarely met, or even seen a young adult male. I didn’t even know what the game of baseball was until after World War Two, at six years old. –> JOKE SONG: but try to understand how serious the funny sarcastic intent is behind the words of the song. Listen to the lyrics carefully. SEE link… CENSORSHIP is now such a big problem on the internet because this BLOGGER has thundreds of post with boken links, and I have no intention to go back and activate all the foolishness. Life experiace has taught me, that the censorship ‘bully’ will eventually get hurt. Censors will get arigant and censor some person or group in the “ESTABLISHMENT,” and when found-out the “ELITE” will simply “liquidate” the fool, or  place a “FLAG” on the censors URL, and virtually destroy the persons… That even goes for computer viruses and malware programs specifically target stealing information, monitoring activity, or corrupting posts. Botnet, malware co-opts computer’s power to attack other machines over the Internet. “Denial of Service” attack brings down websites by overloading requests from infected computers. Ha ! Ha ! NOT FUNNY, but in some ways even when paper books were censored, the censorship never worked, because when your religion, when your political party, when your ideas get censored who are you going to complain too ?

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