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January 4, 2016 / adgerellis


CENSORED AGAIN ! Oh, this Blogger can NOT even make a feeble joke without getting censored. In a post a long time ago this Blogger typed that in his opinion censors had to be ignorant of language usage, or mentally ill, that is because all that is repressed can be made public with metaphor, double meanings, puns and word-play or just “slang” and “jive-talk.” And, if the censors DO understand what is being said by clever circumvention and censorship is still enforce at sometime they will blunder and censor an official policy, or document that is being enforced by their bosses. That will be the end of their job because they will be fired, or killed. That is the way “Official Secrets” work. So, it is much better for everybody’s health, career, and long-life NOT to censor at all, except possibly in an immediate public emergency. This Blogger understands that the Original 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution was against any person in public office, or in official capacity acting for the United States to accept a royal title, or peerage. Now, this gets complicated because some people have argued that all American lawyers act illegally as agents of the British King or Queen by taking the “BAR” examination. That is, the “British Accredited Registry” equals the abbreviation = “BAR.” That was censored from my YouTube video. Childhood’s end, please notice the small letter “e” in the word “end”, as that could be a reference to a little child growing-up to be an adult. But, NO the censors miss-interpreted my childhood’s end to mean something else, and so the suppose secret “Project Blue Beam” comes to mind.   SÉCURITÉ NATIONALE ASSERMENTATION, accords de non divulgation ne disposez pas de la «puissance» de la loi si elles sont faites pour cacher actes illégaux et criminels. Par exemple, si il ya un écrit d’un contrat que tous les enfants de moins de neuf ans peuvent être tirés à vue, ce contrat serait légal? PAR EXEMPLE: voir comment le gouvernement du Royaume État affirme qu’il n’y a rien de tel que des extraterrestres, serait-il légal pour un organisme du gouvernement de passer un règlement qui rend illégale la Parlez-en à, masquer ou fraterniser» avec un extraterrestre? STRANGE, qu’il ya une telle réglementation, mais il n’y a pas de loi contre l’appel de fantôme” ou fraterniser avec les fées. CONTRATS illégaux ont pas de statut légal! ! ! Voir le lien: Droit d’exposition extra-terrestre https: //

SEGURIDAD NACIONAL juramentos, acuerdos de confidencialidad no tienen el “poder” de la ley si se hacen para ocultar actos ilegales y criminales. Por ejemplo: Si hay un contrato que todos los niños menores de nueve años de edad se puede disparar en el acto escrito, sería que el contrato sea legal? POR EJEMPLO: ver cómo el Gobierno de los Estados Estado afirma que no hay tal cosa como EXTRATERRESTRES, ¿sería legal de una agencia de gobierno para aprobar un reglamento que establece que es ilegal Hable con, ocultar o fraternizarcon un extraterrestre? EXTRAÑO, que no hay tal reglamento, pero no hay ninguna ley en contra de llamar fantasma“, o fraternizar con las hadas. CONTRATOS ILEGALES NO TIENEN PERMANENTE LEGAL! ! ! VER enlace: Extraterrestre Ley Exposición https: //

NATIONAL SECURITY OATHS, NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS do NOT have the “power” of law if they are made to hide illegal and CRIMINAL ACTS. FOR EXAMPLE: if there is a written a contract that all children under nine years of age can be shot on sight, would that contract be legal ? FOR EXAMPLE: seeing how the United State Government claims that there is NO SUCH THING as EXTRATERRESTRIALS, would it be legal for a government agency to pass a regulation that makes it  illegal to “Talk to, hide, or FRATERNISE” with an extraterrestrial ? STRANGE, that there IS such a regulation, but there is no law against “calling up ghost,” or fraternizing with fairies. ILLEGAL CONTRACTS HAVE NO LEGAL STANDING ! ! ! SEE link : Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law … DEPRAVITY is hard to understand and communicate if the being does NOT have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of acts committed… Human Resources Departments  in many businesses are control by anti-social misanthropes.

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